Development of mobile application and traceability portal

We develop since 2012 your professional mobile application of traceability Android specific of traceability with scan and labeling, offline (or online), it is your internal mobile application to your company (so no ANDROID validation, neither Google Play, nor APPLE Store), the application will be installed in ’.APK’ directly on the smartphone of the employees or professional customers of your company.
Since 2021 we complete our knowledge by the development of API to databases, and internet portal : pages of answers to customers on the search of a data entered on a terminal in order to reach a level said in the business "full-stack".

terminal avec lecteur code barre, écran tactile et application
example of a terminal with barcode reader, touch screen and application

Software made in France
All our software is made in France, by French people, with technologies that depend on the open-source mode. Our licenses and participations in developments are our only sources of income, no data is shared or exploited with third parties.

Our model is economical and secure for your development of data collection applications for mobile barcode or Rfid terminals custom + customer response portal, data analysis

  1. upon presentation of your project, we analyze the application precisely, we decide (or not) to invest in it : 0 risk you only pay a setup and analysis fee or a start-up fee and then an annual subscription fee, without any time commitment : our excellence will make your loyalty,
  2. If your request concerns the management of sales, purchases or stocks : in order not to reinvent existing means and to make you save money, we propose to host an Open-Source ERP named Dolibarr, and we just develop the mobile part which does not exist, in connection with Dolibarr, according to the model above - if you have an open ERP, which is rare, we connect to it so that you can keep it,
  3. custom development of executable for smartphone, terminal, tablet with barcode scan, RFID, in native code (=use of the sensors of the device recommended on the chosen mobile devices) according to specifications, requested features, and level of internet connection,
  4. the back-end (=server with working databases, database processing, backups, upgrades and notifications - ours is private) : the software part of synchronization with your databases, ERP, CRM, information system, is included and provided,
  5. optional an information web page, a portal customer on the situation of his property, his event, or an input web page to feed a database used in the mobile application.
  6. remote monitoring and maintenance of your licenses and updates : we have our own private infrastructure in France to allow you to update your applications, without Google Play, in a way our own "STORE
  7. hosting of sites and databases possible in France,
  8. our price levels facilitate public buyers : they are compatible with the "light" procedure of supply and service contracts, with exemption of formal measures of advertising and competition : a simple quote from us is enough.
  9. integration or development of JavaScript and JAVA codes.
Fingerprint capture, geolocation of deposit or collection of parcels

Specific custom mobile traceability data collection applications with or without CODE-BARRE or RFID scanner made under ANDROID, Windows CE / EH, IoS, synchronized to ERP, online databases or with website : increase your business productivity at the price of a rental without time commitment !

Developer, we realize :

  • the network connections and secure databases : ODBC, API, Web, OLEDB, with a total control of secure communications and updates.
  • sites, APIs and servers for retrieving, entering and displaying collected data, called "back-end
  • Portable terminals & printers that we sell, ruggedized mobile data collection tablets (AIDC) latest generation with integrated scanner, barcode imager, Rfid sensor, label printers, tags, ID badges. We search and provide the barcode and Rfid equipment : a choice of terminals and printers at the best quality-price ratio in new sized for your use : selection, supply and parameterization of terminals + adapted printers

ECOLABEL : Reuse of your old terminals if possible, or proposal of used Android terminals refurbished with equivalent functions, depending on availability.

scans of inter-location movements, inventories, from the cart

A development of native Android mobile applications on hardened scanning terminals, smartphones, tablets to track, filter at the price of a rental : how ?

1. Editor, we develop by modules of reusable functions  :
Module design is a bit more time consuming at first but benefits multiple applications, saves time on large projects and finally allows for better overall maintenance over time.

Applications mobiles de scan par modules
Mobile applications for scanning by modules
Mobile applications for scanning by modules

We have grouped some modules under one heading, integrated into a stand-alone test application.

2. Editor, we choose to invest in your traceability application by making you support only a small part of the development and analysis specific to your customization by realizing this application so as to be able to make a generic use of it and to propose it in standard to selection, supply and parameterization of terminals + adapted printers on the one hand, and by proposing you an annual rent in order to allow you to benefit from improvements of the others too.

Our families of customers in specific development of professional applications of mobile traceability with barcode or Rfid scan

  • private companies,
  • banking institutions,
  • municipalities with waste management systems,
  • Ministry of Justice establishments,
  • ERP and CRM editors, in production monitoring (M.E.S),
  • carriers in parcel tracking, e-commerce
  • EDF, which entrusts our terminals and applications to control offices to verify the safety of millions of equipment in nuclear power plants,
    The EDF, which makes control offices and entrusts them with our terminals & applications to check the safety of millions of equipments in nuclear power plants, -* monitoring of medical prescriptions by the patient, monitoring by the practitioner and the supplier of the medicine ....

Our skills in development and integration of mobile scanning solutions are very broad :

  • Creation of embedded session on mobile terminal with its own embedded base also,
  • Compilation of executable / program multi-platforms with defined gateway, distributed computing : a part of the application can be developed for a Windows PC, linked to the same bases as smartphones,
  • Creation of the database structure necessary for development on the server : SQL (scripts), MySql, NoSQL that synchronize with mobile sessions, ODBC interfaces or by API to information systems on the Cloud, to your websites,
  • The setting of reports, labels / reports and input screens on "fixed stations" under Windows XP / 7/8 /10 or mobile,
  • The selection, supply and parameterization of terminals + adapted printers on a large choice of manufacturers, with the adapted consumables : tags, labels, ink ribbons.
  • The hosting of databases shared by our secure mobile applications, pages allowing access to limited data or files.
  • The distribution of updates and licenses of your customized solutions WITHOUT public or foreign networks by our own MDM infrastructure (Mobile Data Management), by confidential wireless secured link in disconnected mode (without or with few networks, at least Wifi),

The advantages and options of our barcode / Rfid development services for mobility and management :

  • The creation of a limited mock-up /POC (option) to allow you to test your concept and present it to your decision makers,
  • We develop the application with dedicated or open-source software, fast and latest versions : gain on your functionalities and smoothness of operation.
  • We develop and host the interfaces, the APIs with the databases,
  • Our licenses are flexible for your capacity variations : you CAN use our program on your other additional terminals (in rent for example) immediately and in a variable way in the time according to your needs !
  • We can also take care of the integration of our applications on your supplied terminals (subject to pre-testing), the integration is included if you buy the terminals from us ;
  • We selection, supply and parameterization of terminals + adapted printers do not need a ’Play-store’ like Google Play, nor a login to Google to be installed or upgraded : upgrades are done on our own infrastructure and private network which avoids any security leak and uncontrolled application installation (kind of "MDM") ;
  • Customized developments include automatic update functions, synchro with databases, off-line mode, advanced functions such as displaying only unentered commands and advanced ergonomics of scanning directed to the right box on the screen, ...
  • Integration of adapted scenarios of synchronization in off-line mode, or sporadic internet connection.

Do not hesitate to call us for more information and how to solve your problem.

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