Distribution and tracking projects

Our mission :
- Study, diagnostic and detect cost reduction sources

- Develop and improve the sub-contractor / orderer link : supply chain performance

- Offer and study technical and organisational solutions which offer a quick return on investment : look at distribution technology

- Assist in setting up, design and organisation

- Supply with bespoke mobile solutions for tracking.

Your objectives :

Stock :
- Reduce your storage costs, and back-up stock levels
- Reduce your stocktaking regulations
- Optimise a platform, organise and automate
- Put Kanban in place as well as container management in closed loop system

Order preparation / picking :
- Reduce your rate of recall and error, improve your on-time deliveries
- Increase the number of packages / lines per hour per person
- Manage shopfloor tasks and picking and stock replenishment by Voice Picking, AGV, RFID,
- Move and improve a picking centre
- Creation of an After Sales Service Centre
- Put in place order management ABM (Activity Based Management) and advanced stock for your clients,
- Identify blocking points, modelling of different functions.

Traceability solutions or IT for distribution :
- How to put in place automatic follow up of batches and traceability. Identification and labelling (EAN, UPC), linked with the EDI and ERP,
- Respond or prepare for current and future standards,
- Design the structure of the IT system between : EAI, WEB, PDA, WMS,
- Choose a traceability solution for metal pieces or flasks

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