Lower costs and shorter lead times with Lean

Your concerns :
At little cost :

  • Reduce costs,
  • Deliver to your clients on time
  • Reduce leadtimes
  • Reorganise production lines
  • Prepare the movement of a site
  • Put in place measuring indicators,
  • Manage visually, without IT
  • Improve the OEE and the customer service rate
  • Reduce rejects,
  • Reorganise the processes
  • Involve all staff, management and team leaders

Our mission :

  • rapidly detect and study progress sources,
  • follow you and motivate your staff to obtain measurable progress in the basics of progressive Lean Manufacturing TPS (Toyota Production System),
  • offer you practical help and advices to achieve your targets

What is LEAN ?

Our approach :

As conclusion of these actions, we carry out an action plan which includes :

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