Our customers in Lean Management- News

Our customers : businesses working in industry, distribution, logistics, services, sub-contracting, EFTPOS

What they are looking for for their performance :and more specifically :
Advice, simulation, hands-on training,
 Expertise and consultancy,
 Project follow-up, integration of management software packages
 Innovative logistics solutions
 Tracking expertise.
Cost reductions, improved quality and customer service,
 Involve, organise, manage and motivate staff,
 Intergrate and/or choose the right management software package and adapt it to the needs
 Create and improve order preparation installations

Their manufacturing and service sectors :
Aeronautics, Automotive, Cosmetics, Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Distribution

What they do :
Boilermaking, Mass commerce, Cutting, Distribution, Food, Cosmetic production, Electronics, Forwarding, Smelting, Watch making, Printing, Papermaking, Plastics, Car and lorry engines, Sub-contractors.

Our points of contact :
Managing director, HR manager, Production or Site Manager, Project Manager, or IT Manager.

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