Detailed success stories with Lean / Kaizen

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Results of the cycle time reduction consultancy of incoming goods from reception to stock entry

Example of a Lean method from the reception to the entry in stock of the products - in watchmaking, Switzerland. objective : reduction of stock (...)

Notre approche en étude de productivité logistique ou traçabilité

Objectifs : – Étudier, diagnostiquer les flux pour détecter les sources de réduction de coûts – Proposer des solutions techniques et (...)

Service rate under control, increased by 30 points : example of a consultancy assignment

Problem solved by accompanied consultancy : low on-time delivery rate (50%) and fluctuating with the load in the print shop. As a result, the (...)

5S and flow reorganization in electronics manufacture

Action plan and 5S method in a electronic boards programmation and assembly plant

Reduction in cutting machines’ rejection rate in printing

How to reduce machine start-up time and scrap in 6 months ?

Reduce rejects, increase throuput of machines by TAGUCHI method

Reduction and stabilization of the rate of rejection on an industrial machine from 7% to 5% in the whole of the factory in 2 months : example of (...)


Diagnosis packages in organization

Efficiant identification package of the points of organisation that could be improved, in offices, productions, lines, factories, logistics & (...)

Our customers in Lean Management- News

Article list about our customers in Lean manufacturing, references, what they were looking for, their benefits

Hands-on training in Lean manufacturing

Training based on LEAN principals, doubled up with specific actions and consultancy on the shopfloor and in offices