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  • Examples of mobile traceability software

    We can realize, develop for you on Android those themes:

    • security patrols, inspection of security devices, hostile environments, semi-real time, without network or without subscription, collection of parcels or regulated waste, with geolocalization
    • minutes with recordings of geographical positions and facts (photos, video, signatures, temperature) that cannot be used to enforce them,
    • Itinerant, external, mobile, detached from the center, the factory, the head office, on site recording operations,
    • delivery, with signature on screen, sales assistance, follow-up of collections on site,
    • geolocation and tracking of routes,
    • outdoor sales at variable prices, without network, geolocated (like in nurseries),
    • inventory and fixed assets by barcodes,
    • barcode shop floor order tracking scan,
    • tracking and authentication of products, identity, signatures, NFC authentication of bodies,
    • reception, returns, taking of photos of parcel status,
    • proof of service, test, verification, round
    • follow-up of tools on site,
    • link with CRM, geolocation,
    • follow-up of medical prescription by the patient, follow-up by the practitioner and the supplier of the medicine,
    • sales in store, preparation of orders in E-commerce,
    • mobile measurement collection, predictive management of breakdowns and maintenance, after-sales service,
    • Creation of an application for animal farming management
    • Angle measurement app with accelerometer, geofencing app: detection of exit or entry of zone, detection of type of movement: on foot, by bike, by car
    • Localization and notification app
    • nfc chip read and write application
    • create a digital loyalty card accessible by smartphone
    • Intervention management application (web app, mobile app)
    • Creation of mobile application with backoffice
    • Mobile application for delivery and distribution services
    • Barcode creation/authentication application

    We know how to realize all these functions: contact us!

  • We remotely develop and deliver your mobile barcode applications during containment

    We SUPPORT and DELIVER ANY MOBILE DISTANCE DEVELOPMENT since long before the beginning of the crisis COVID-19 -

    We would like to express our full support during this difficult time and hope that neither you nor your loved ones are affected by the virus that currently threatens us.

    Following the various instructions from the French government concerning COVID-19, in order to reduce the spread of the virus, we are working from home or from the office according to the schedule and we have one person on duty in our establishment.
    Here is what we do and don’t do anymore.

    SUPPORT, delivery of mobile licenses, emails, phone answering, DISTANCE TRAINING

    Support - meetings - partage écrans à distance

    We always support our current and future customers on our mobile traceability applications.
    The phone number and email do not change: CONTACT, quotation.

    customised developments and upgrades of mobile traceability applications

    We are still developing our mobile programs, upgrades are always provided online.

    Meetings, organisation training and mobile remote development
    We provide meetings and training by our digital remote means: Online support, demonstrate products and methods

    Deliveries and preparation of hardened barcode scan material
    We continue to secure and DELIVER current and future orders and prepare our customers’ material, install licenses and programs, although the times will depend on our suppliers and transport rights and will be longer: please anticipate.

    Receiving and shipping mobile terminals and printers
    They are insured by our transporters on the basis of a schedule drawn up in advance.
    Export deliveries: on study, depending on customs.

    which we replace advantageously during the crisis: on-site diagnostics
    On-site diagnostics, meetings and training on the production site and at our premises are suspended until further notice.
    On the other hand, meetings and distance training are assured: we have all the means and software for this. And for diagnostics, we have self-diagnostics that can easily help you at a lower cost.

    See you soon!

  • What is mobile "Edge computing" or agile mobile digitization? Common points with Lean

    Mobile "Edge Computing" is a model of distributed computing between mobile terminals through the network, private or not, using as little as possible the resources of the "Cloud", like an ERP, thus staying at the "edge" of the Cloud, which explains the term "Edge". The terminals have a database system, a display and a physical or virtual keyboard and above all permanent memory and super powerful processors: this is more than enough.

    So what is the purpose of Edge Computing?

    They can connect to local sensors and collect measurement data in order to process them and return them to the Cloud if necessary. Local analysis, local process statistics, local simulations, requiring no latency (with or without immediate network) are then perfectly adapted to give autonomy to the person.

    It is a data structure that is well adapted to self-monitoring, self-diagnosis, easy installation monitoring without computer scientists with redundancy (self-replacement of data or machines), to encryption (digital signature) on the spot in the moment of the evidence data for example to authenticate.

    At the end of the process, only the data needed for the cloud, for the ERP system for example, or for the digital evidence archive server are transmitted for storage.

    Edge computing works where the action takes place, close to the production site, where autonomy and reactivity are required with a minimum of equipment: these are the common points with lean management.

    We use all the possibilities of Edge computing in our mobile products and software: ask us!

    Architectures données PDA et impressions mobiles, interconnexions

  • PPE verification and washing count by Rfid chips

    We propose to insert, sew or glue RFID chips that store the number of times the PPE has been laundered with our smartphone software

    Indeed, some RFID chips can store data: it is therefore very useful to use this function: it avoids requiring the development, payment of network costs and storage of information in a database: the data is actually in the chip of the PPE!

    We read and update the PPE counters of a bag of laundry in less than 10 seconds!

    The security of writing the data means that not just any operation can be authorized on this chip.

    Our proposal: an embedded software on the Android smartphone plus a UHF "sled" (pistol reader)

    We provide a software (to be developed according to this idea or yours), an RFID chip reader handle that quickly attaches to the smartphone and chips to be sewn, self-adhesive or inserted into clothing. The software allows to identify the PPE, to write and to check the counter of each chip belonging to its supply and not those of the others!

    What does the law say in France about PPE maintenance? we can help you!

    Court of Cassation, Social Chamber, April 10, 2013, No. 12-16225: "the employer must financially assume the maintenance of work clothes inherent to the function performed and whose wearing is imposed on employees."
    By identifying as accurately as possible the PPE to be maintained, we help you to comply with the law easily.

  • What is a mobile terminal / PDA with integrated scanner?

    A mobile terminal / PDA with integrated scanner is a more ruggedized smartphone with a scanner (1D barcode = old) or an imager (1D + 2D codes) integrated in the head of the device that allows to scan barcodes.

    Or with another addition, named "sled" which the terminal allows to scan RFID chips.
    The terminal has intelligence (processor), memory, databases, in addition to the screen (touch) display and keyboards for some, and with programs for interaction with the user. They are now running on Android and can work independently.

    The scanner, also commonly called "zapette", "scannette", is only a reader that replaces the keyboard and must be connected to a PC to be useful.

    At the price level , a factor 10 to 20 separates these two families of products.

    What is the purpose of the mobile terminal (PDA) with integrated scanner?

    • to be mobile, inside the premises or outside, without wires,
    • to be fast and without input errors, without making manual entries,
    • to embed intelligence and start data, a mini-database (for example the list of orders to be received by supplier), calculation (of distances, rates, etc.),
    • Embed your data, organized and uploaded to the central database when necessary,
    • to automatically add to your data, without entering them, measurements of time (date, time), position (GPS), or other measurements (temperature, humidity) of a nearby sensor in order to constitute a proof (of quality, of veracity).

    We use this type of terminal in our developments: ask us!
    Network instructions : PDA data and mobile printing architectures, interconnections

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