Flexibility in production and delivery with mobile & web apps

Improvement of production and service through digital mobile and organisation with :

  • the supply and development of mobile scanning applications for traceability,
  • consultancy and support for measured actions.

for :

  • tracking products, tools, people, registrations, event control, label printing, invoices,
  • quality, inventories, transport, waste disposal, itinerant sales of SMEs, SMIs and local authorities.

Our proposals :

  • rental of standard mobile applications,
  • supply of mobile scanning terminals in whole Europe, UK with short lead times with our softwares
  • the development and integration of customised mobile traceability applications and web page into your information systems on smartphones, tablets, barcode, Rfid, voice scan terminals : precision, automation and speed
  • our consultancy methods and support in reducing your stocks, work-in-progress, manufacturing or service production lead times, after identifying your sources of profit

For your concerns :

Production :
 Reduce costs,
 Deliver to your clients on time
 Reduce leadtimes
 Reorganise production lines
 Prepare the movement of a site
 Put in place measuring indicators,
 Manage visually, without IT
 Improve the OEE and the customer service rate
 Reduce rejects,
 Reorganise the processes
 Involve all staff, management and team leaders

Stock :
 Reduce your storage costs, and back-up stock levels
 Reduce your stocktaking regulations
 Optimise a platform, organise and automate
 Put Kanban in place as well as container management in closed loop system

Order preparation / picking :
 Reduce your rate of recall and error, improve your on-time deliveries
 Increase the number of packages / lines per hour per person
 Manage shopfloor tasks and picking and stock replenishment by Voice Picking, AGV, RFID,
 Move and improve a picking centre

Our objective :

analyse the problem origin, provide your team with modern on demand mobile barcode or Rfid mobile apps !

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