Data entry, mobile printing, stock management on hosted ERP DOLIBARR

Mobile scanning and printing applications around Dolibarr ERP at Feb 2021
Mobile scanning and printing applications around Dolibarr ERP

We realize for you or within the framework of sharing applications, mobile applications of barcode scanning or Rfid off-line for Dolibarr, in link with the existing API (interfaces) of Dolibarr: your investment is thus secured in the duration with respect to the upgrades.

These are generally data entry applications by scan or update or output as printing invoices or barcode labels with product image, on professional desktop or mobile printers in ZPL.

First, What Dolibarr Does? The simple Open-Source software for your business .

Dolibarr is right out of the box, ready to telework! You work on a browser connected to your database.

We realize your analysis and parameterize your Dolibarr according to it, and develop your mobile solution or take in our generic solutions of scan and print labels, adapt to measure in direct link with this ERP.
Consequently, it is possible to manage your stock and purchases in barcode with Dolibarr.

We are in the list of Dolibarr suppliers page Dolibarr suppliers France

Moving budget to time saving and quality mobile applications:
We know Dolibarr and its functions well. We assume that you know or can learn how to set it up (we are here to help you if it doesn’t work). So we propose it to you at "cost price".
We prefer to propose you in your budget more applications of fast barcode entry that use Dolibarr as a way to store data in an organized way and add you the missing functions for your business.

In addition, we host and configure your Dolibarr ERP

  • All Dolibarr hosting is on servers in France,
  • Databases are replicated every day on a server located on another place in France

These provisions allow you to be switched on another machine in case of service interruption, in case of major incident on the main site of more than 24 hours.
We remind our customers that it is the responsibility of the owner of the data to proceed regularly to their repatriation on its own information systems. The backups are at their disposal for this purpose.

This ERP being accessible to all, we accept to see your specifications or to listen to your need, on the other hand any work of answer, analysis, POC, model on this system is an added value usable by you and will be estimated and billable before the installation. You can in reverse take the installation, our standard software and test by yourself, the support and configuration on this ERP is an added value usable billable.

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