Serial number barcode label printing app subscription

Name :App of mobile label printing of incremental serial numbers

Id : Gen_printSerialLabel

From (6-month base excl. tax) : EUR 80

Delivery time : 2 days via email

Software options:

* Base: 6 months

* 12 months [+40.00€]

* 12 months + trace csv [+50.00€]

* 12 months + trace csv + logins [+80.00€]

Financing available for licenses and developments under certain conditions

Hardware options:

* Base: scan via camera

* Scan via imager [+40.00€]

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For which activities?

This app is designed for :

  • retailers
  • craftsmen
  • manufacturers
  • SMB


Android application for printing labels with incremental serial numbers on a ZPL network printer, like the end of a product verification process on a manufacturing line.

The barcode serial number is made up of a prefix, a number that increments by a configurable step, and a suffix, so you can print a batch number as a barcode.

The print template can be created by the printer user and changed in the terminal. A network printer can be used by several terminals, with the same supply.

Single terminal version, price per terminal. Multi-user-terminals linked on request. Multilingual.

Optional :

  • extension to 12 months,
  • 12-month audit trail,
  • log-in access and log-in recording with 12-month traces,
  • scan by imager from the list of brands below, data exported as csv.