Subscription to mobile email request for replenishment application by barcode, scan by camera or imager, exported as csv

Name :mobile replenishment request application

Id : Gen_demande_reappro

From (6-month base excl. tax) : EUR 80.00

Delivery time : 2 days via email

Software options:

* Base: 6 months

* + import item names [+40.00€]

* 12 months [+65.00€]

* 12 months + import item names [+135.00€]

* 12 months + import item names + import recipient email names [+195.00€]

Financing available for licenses and developments under certain conditions

Hardware options:

* Base : scan via camera

* Scan via imager [+40.00€]

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For which activities?

This app is designed for :

  • retailers
  • craftsmen
  • manufacturers
  • administrations, local authorities
  • medical activities


Mobile barcode replenishment application for Android: 6-month subscription per terminal, scanning is basically via camera. Data exported as csv to the device.

You indicate the quantity requested, which can be in multiples of packaging or economic filled in the imported article table (option), and the names of the articles corresponding to the scanned codes can then also be displayed. You send the list directly in a formatted email to your supplier and keep track of the request in a csv file stored on your smartphone.

You can also more easily enter his email address by selecting a name from an imported list and typing a few characters of his first or last name: his email is proposed in a mini list (otion contact list).

Single terminal version, price per terminal. Multi-user-terminals linked on request. Multi-lingual.

Optional 12-month extension.

Optional scanner from the list of brands below.

Optional item table import module to display item descriptions as you scan.

Optional module for importing contacts with their emails, to enter their emails more quickly and without error.