Subscription app for barcode concordance tests, scan by camera or imager, exported in csv format

Id : Gen-concordance

Name :Barcode matching test application

Software options: Base : 6 Months, 12 Months [+75.00€], 12 Months + Trace Csv [+95.00€], 12 Months + Trace Csv + Logins [+105.00€]

Hardware options: Base : Scan via Camera, Scan via Imager [+40.00€]

From (Base excl. tax) : €90.00

Delivery time : 2 days via email

For which activities?

This app is designed for :

  • retailers
  • craftsmen
  • manufacturers


Android application for checking that 2 or more barcode values match the reference value.

Single terminal version, price per terminal. Multi-user-terminals linked on request. Multi-lingual.

Optional addition of a trace reference no. such as a delivery note or order no., enabling csv recording of checks carried out.

Optional :

  • extension to 12 months,
  • traces of checks performed over 12 months
  • log-in access and log-in recording with 12-month traces,
  • scan by imager from the list of brands below, data exported as csv.