NFC function in your traceability or management applications

NFC function in your traceability or management applications

The aim of this function used in our parcel drop application is to offer you a way of quickly identifying a person or employee with a chip or NFC tag, for your management or traceability with your smartphone or rugged terminal already in your possession.

We can integrate the reading or writing of NFC tags into our future applications

NFC is an important traceability and authentication feature for the following functions, which we can integrate into your applications

  1. people tracking (bracelet with NFC tag), identification badges, entry badges
  2. package tracking (with NFC tag), supply tracking, flow tracking (Kanban)
  3. association tracking of personnel passing through a specific area, e.g. security rounds, personal services,
  4. authentication of people, bodies, parcels, medicines, wood, precious or non-counterfeit materials, with digital signature added to the chip.

With this NFC function, your applications can then read or write to NFC tags, depending on the tag type. The following NFC tag types can be used on Android:

Ndef , NfcA, IsoDep, NfcB, NfcF, NfcV, MifareClassic, MifareUltralight.

Here is an example included at no extra charge, based on the reading of the driver’s Ndef tag in the “localized parcel depot” module of our supply-chain application. Option available on request.

Use of NFC function:

Activate your smartphone’s NFC function. Install the above application on your mobile. You place your smartphone on a tag and you obtain the contents of the tag ID, the most general identifier in the “driver” field of the “localized parcel depot” module. We can put this type of function in any data field.

Application in modules part of our range of modular automated supply-chain management applications for small warehouses

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