Measurement functions: extreme temperatures via IoT from a cell phone

Measurement functions: extreme temperatures via IoT from a cell phone

on smartphone for predictive maintenance, cold chain monitoring.

Remote measurement of extreme temperatures on smartphone: example of a function provided in our traceability applications, to record temperature and the number of fires carried out, for example to plan preventive maintenance and monitor compliance with warranty conditions: electronic hardware and software on smartphone. Sensor coverage: Europe.

Can also be used in cold storage for refrigerated products, cryogenics or frozen food trucks, to identify and warn of cold chain breaks. Can be used on silos to prevent their explosion in the event of fermentation.

Remotely, you can read the temperature at the time of an action, or display the temperature curve (thermocouple probe and device) on your smartphone or any other intelligent data processing system, with the addition of prevention algorithms linked to external sites: weather forecasts, etc.

SENSOHIVE’s “ORBIT K” IoT integration on SIGFOX network: a step towards Industry 4.0

The problem solved: predictive maintenance using connected sensors, verification of warranty conditions and monitoring of thresholds not exceeded, cold chain breakage, etc.

The aim is to remotely measure and monitor, on a smartphone, the very high temperature of fire-exposed compartments spread across a territory, in the open air and using sensors without subscribing to the telephone network.

The data collected, once processed, can be used to plan maintenance operations specific to each compartment, depending on the intensity of its use.

Using a low-speed network with broad European coverage: Sigfox

If the data collected do not require “real-time” behavior or measurements every second, if one measurement every 10 minutes or so is sufficient.

In order to achieve very broad coverage across Europe, with annual subscription costs of around one tenth of a cell phone data subscription, we chose the Sigfox network, which connects electronic objects to each other and to the Internet.

Using and integrating IOT data: the ORBIT K from SENSOHIVE

Measuring high temperatures in a chamber with fire or high heat (maximum 1100°C) requires the use of thermocouple probes, and has led us to the Sigfox-connectable IOT (Internet of Things) device named “ORBIT K” from SENSOHIVE.

An Android test application displaying the latest measurements and their curves was made with this function.

Raw data available

The raw data available from this Orbit K IoT are as follows:

  1. every 10 minutes or so, or on double-tap on the device, or on sudden temperature variation,
  2. temperature of the device itself,
  3. temperature of type K thermocouple probe, depending on probe: -270°C to +1260°C
  4. measurement following a double blow to the device,
  5. connection or disconnection of thermocouple probe and time of reconnection
  6. Device no. readable by QR-Code.

The Type K

thermocouple probe is connected via a connector common to all thermocouple manufacturers, We can custom-make brackets to ensure correct integration with the chosen support.

Similar IOT with humidity, without thermocouple

We can also integrate a similar product from this partner company: ORBIT 3, which doesn’t have a thermocouple sensor, but does have a humidity sensor.

Business sectors interested in these solutions

  • Agriculture and agri-food: stocks, silos, market gardens, explosions, frost in the ground or cold chain breakage (proof of legal compliance),
  • Fire-fighters, furnace builders
  • Extreme cold, cryogenics,
  • Construction, building,
  • Health, pharmaceuticals, research,
  • Distribution, logistics, storage and delivery,
  • Smart cities,
  • Monitoring or control of home air-conditioning systems,
  • Anti-theft solutions using motion sensors,
  • Supervision of buildings, data centers and green spaces,

Customizable data processing and uses

The data processing and display options are customizable according to the customer’s requirements. according to the customer’s requirements and can be :

  • individual monitoring of the sensor’s temperature curve over a short period,
  • fleet monitoring: alerts on variations, on levels, on minimum duration of temperature or humidity reached, by exception, counting the number of levels reached, on a fleet of sensors, big-data processing or pre-processing,
  • security: combined with 2D reading (minimum camera) and NFC proximity communication, or our key server via Wifi or 3/4G, applications can be created for transmitting authorization to intervene on installations without broadcasting alerts during the intervention.
  • intelligence and prevention algorithms added It is possible to add to programs searches on prevention sites such as the weather forecast (on subscription), in order to warn locally of changes in temperature, humidity, light, depending on the time of day, etc….
  • Customizable mobile functions available:
  1. monitoring of measurements, stability of values
  2. alerts (email, SMS, visual, audible) when customized setpoints are exceeded,
  3. supervision: visualize curves, record data, historical data

Possible applications may include the following: on-demand realizations with Orbit K or any other IoT:

  • Crop monitoring and prediction of treatments or improvements,
  • Monitoring of fire installations and equipment, furnaces, silos, cold chain breaks,
  • Predicting maintenance, counting time in use or the number of times manufacturer specifications are exceeded,
  • Monitoring compliance with usage conditions to maintain contractual warranties,
  • Modification of the business model: shift from product sales to sales-per-use, or time-of-use (e.g. aircraft engine supplier model).

Possible measurements and screens:

  • temperature, overtemperature
  • relative humidity
  • Motion, vibration, integrated 3-axis accelerometer, motion overshoot and angle overshoot management,
  • brightness,
  • object and person identification.

Innovative common features of measurement tags:

  • Wireless range: 40 to 80 meters (open field) in 433 MHz or Europe via Sigfox network
  • Autonomy (in years): 1 to 10 years (long life, values depending on thresholds, sensors and use)
  • Waterproof (except humidity)
  • Atex (except humidity & luminosity)

Interested market sectors

  • Transportation,
  • Storage,
  • Construction, building sites, insulation,
  • Workshops, industrial installations,
  • Safety, maintenance,
  • health,
  • Food processing, agriculture.

….Imagination is the limit

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March 18, 2020: our supplier, Sensohive, with its ORBIT IoT that we also use, received the “Most Innovative Product 2020 award” at the Las Vegas “World of Concrete” show with its “Maturix” software solution using ORBIT.