List of brands and terminals with qualified imagers for our barcode reading applications

List of brands and terminals with qualified imagers for our barcode reading applications

If you’d like to get your handsets back for use with apps like ours, before you buy your own handsets for our apps (we can supply you with them too), take a look at this list!

the list below will reassure you about the portability and compatibility of your future mobile applications. Mobile applications on laser terminals, pro imagers

Subject to testing (possible and easy) on your part and advantages - Integration by our services is also a fast possibility and at advantageous financial conditions if you participate.

We have (1st version December 2022, regularly updated) developed our own universal “driver” which enables us to capture barcode values and symbologies read by professional terminals, and process them flexibly according to customer requirements in our own mobile applications.

We can use virtually all the capabilities of these scanners and scan barcodes at high speeds: here’s the video (coming soon) in continuous scan mode of 30 different codes with their symbology on an A4 sheet, 2 of which are identical in value, including software processing on an “old” Android 8 terminal: 10 seconds (for 30 codes).

This enables our customers to scan at greater distances, depending on the laser used, to scan codes on metal (Digimarc), and to scan poor-quality codes through certain plastic films (depending on tests) with their own customized application.

Barcode imager reading for Android V>=7: we can integrate or have already integrated all devices in these ranges from the manufacturers below (subject to having one to test):

Terminals from manufacturers not on this list, or those on this list without an imager or laser, such as off-the-shelf Android smartphones, can be used by their camera Range of barcode traceability and supply-chain management apps with integrated scanner or camera

On the RFID side, no terminal is directly validated in the SDK, with commands going through add-ons via Bluetooth, which means that most of the UHF RFID docks added work, including those from Zebra: UHF RFID tests on RFD 8500, PPE and laundry tracking, etc. PARTICIPATE in deployment

Simpler: don’t send us your terminals to develop: install audit software and 1 scan, and we’ll have what it takes to get your applications up and running!

If you are an end-user and your terminal is not “valid PRX” in this LIST, in just a quarter of an hour of your time with our dedicated test software (ask us), you can help qualify this terminal for your future applications.

See also installation and settings :How to install our applications

Use of validated brand imager for recent applications (“PRX”) subject to prior testing of the desired application

Keyence (BT-A 700 only)
SENTER (V17 with scanner 660) (Not currently suited to the few apps that depend on symbologies)
UNITECH Electronics (PA760/768, EA520, EA630)

Ideas for low-cost scanning methods for fairly standard barcode symbologies:

1/ Provided you lose a little speed, we also develop our own camera-reading drivers, and you can test performance on your Android here, which is hardware-saving, especially if refurbished!

2/ Without losing cadence, reuse an Android smartphone or tablet, use a suitable armband kit and scan finger (sold here), our apps are designed to accept barcode reading via Bluetooth and be hands-free when handling cartons.