Scanning app for herds passing through pens

Scanning app for herds passing through pens

Industrial and livestock applications

From burst reading of a herd above the horns to single-beast or part reading: a customized solution for low-frequency, hands-free Rfid reading will be found with our solution

We are developing: we will complete this module according to your needs.

The problem of quickly reading livestock identifiers:

Remote reading of Rfid (industrial name) frequency chips, called “loops” in the animal world, with the possibility of associating these numbers with elements in your database, completing them by hand with new indications and sending the whole thing back to the database to manage your herds.

The solution :

schematic diagram of the bovine scan solution

A portable Rfid tag/loop reading solution that feeds the application of your dreams into one or more herd management databases or Excel spreadsheets.

Long-range Rfid stick reader

Long-range Rfid stick reader


ALLFLEX RS Rfid stick Allows you to read over the product/animal without danger.

  • Autonomous for several hours: rechargeable battery,
  • Robust, waterproof fiberglass tube, 60 cm or 45 cm, antenna that emits an activation signal and receives a signal from the transponder,
  • Red LED: Lights up every time the antenna emits an activation signal (when the green button is pressed),
  • Green LED: Lights up every time a transponder has been read.
  • Configurable audible signal Emits 1 beep when the transponder is first read and 2 beeps when reading is repeated,
  • Green playback button: powers up and triggers the transponder playback activation signal,
  • Screw cap Provides access to battery,
  • Handle with non-slip rubber grip surface,
  • Anti-shock pad: Protects the reader from shocks,
  • Recharges in an environment where the temperature is between 15°C and 30°C,
  • Up to 3200 ID codes can be stored and retrieved later at the user’s convenience, non-volatile memory,
  • Function to separate groups of animals/parts in memory,
  • Searches for duplicate loop numbers in a list containing up to the last 100 loops scanned,
  • Loop counter,
  • Serial transfer of readings via Bluetooth port (up to 100 m away) in master-slave protocol to smartphone with on-board application and/or scale.
  • Loop types (BF=Low Frequency, 125KHZ) and battery-loaded reading distance (also used in industry):
    • HDX/HP (NLIS/cattle loop) 39 cm or 15.5 inches
    • FDX-B/HP loop 34 cm or 13.5 inches
    • Loop HDX/LW Eartag (sheep/pigs) 30 cm or 12 inches
    • Loop FDX-B/LW Eartag (sheep/pigs) 32 cm or 12.5 inches
  • Dimensions L x D: 600 x 32mm or 450 x 32mm
  • Weight (with battery)
  • Model 60cm : 660g (23 onces)
  • Certifications:
    • Ref: SE-49151 Part 15.209, Subpart C (FCC ID: NQY – 930041)
    • IP67 IEC 60529
    • Drop Test IEC 60068-2-32

Stick ALLFLEX RS de démo vendu en solde avec ou sans application

Smartphone for on-board application:(not supplied)

  • stand-alone Bluetooth-enabled Android player carrying your own custom application, to be chosen according to the functions required: Wifi, GPS, 3/4G data, etc.

The application/applications:

  • We can create customized applications for your needs: tracking births, livestock transfers, vaccination campaigns, GPS positioning, material entry/exit, inventories, traceability in general.

Stand-alone solar option:(not supplied)

As the charging voltage of each element is less than 12V, it is possible to find a portable solar element (over-bag) to charge the stick and reader elements on the move.

Services provided :

  • Parameterization of readers and development of the application according to requirements,
  • Training and written instructions,
  • Optional support materials.

Another, closer reading solution:

With a module adapted to the frequency of animal badges, on a terminal + sled Rfid or linked by BT, we can also create a livestock tracking solution, but with closer reading.