Terminal sales, barcode scanners, rfid scanners and demo printers

Terminal sales, barcode scanners, rfid scanners and demo printers

The context and conditions: We develop, research and buy terminals, scanners and printers to develop our software and give demonstrations. After a certain period of time, as these products have not been used much and are perfectly functional, we put them up for sale second-hand.

They won’t always be in their original box, but they’ll have all the parts.

We are professionals, we guarantee them for 3 months (by reimbursement) except for breakage, intentional destruction and normal wear parts such as batteries (look carefully: sometimes an extra new one is included in the package) or print heads (little used so little risk).

These products have been sitting in an office with little use, so they look new.

We sell the whole pack per line (e.g. charger and printer, or terminal with charging dock, but not the dock alone, for example). You can ask for photos of each product to be sure, or try it out on our premises by appointment.

Prices are in Euros and exclude VAT. In France, 20% VAT must be added. Shipping costs are assessed according to your destination and volume/weight and will be added to the price. An estimate will be drawn up before any purchase. Payment will be requested with the order. You will receive an invoice with the product.

The exact product references are indicated: beware of similar references on other sites: characteristics and prices are very different.

A reference is added to the current catalog price (== new) if known.

Quantities are generally unitary, unless otherwise specified, and reservations are not made for more than 5 days.

This list is updated and represents availability at the date of publication. Payments will be requested in advance (bank transfer). No exchanges or returns after purchase of these particular items.


  • 1D : linear barcode reading (classic), 2D = 1D reading + QR Code, Datamatrix
  • BT : Bluetooth
  • /u : per unit

Even for this price we advise you: ask before and tell us all about the context of the purchase! We can, on certain products, accompany them: with

  1. new accessories (on order), such as protectors, batteries.
  2. a software license or custom development.

Used RFID scanners list and prices

  • Allflex ref RS320-3-60C V5.19 IE + BT = sale price: 150€HT

RFID cattle reader stick, 60cm long with Bluetooth module, paper manual in FR and pdf - delivered complete with RS232 cable, CD, charger, batteries as is. see description : Allflex Rs320 manual

  • Sled RFID UHF+Scan 2D Zebra RFD8500 + slot charge & accessories = sale price: 870€HT

    • Zebra RFD8500, RFID (UHF), 2D, Bluetooth (syrfd8500 - RFD8500-5000100-EU) RFID reader/writer, UHF (865-868MHz), + barcode scanner (1D/2D), IP52, scan rate: 600 tags/sec., Micro USB, Bluetooth (2.1), OS support: Android (4.4 and higher), iOS (8 and higher), incl.: battery (4410 mAh, Li-Ion), connection cable (Micro USB to USB A), lanyard
    • retail price: 1488.78 €

(adapts via Bluetooth to any smartphone) - Zebra charging station, 1 slot (syrfd8500crd - CRD1S-RFD8500-1R) Charging station, 1 slot, fits for: RFD8500, order separately: power supply, power cord - retail price: 145.79 € - power supply and cable - adapter for TC55 + adapter for TC51/57

Total retail price 1700€Ht approx.

List and prices of used barcode scanners

  • IS1100 INTERMEC : 1D WITH USB CABLE ,doc = sale price: 20€HT

  • 3 DS9808 “Motorola” + 2 brackets = discounted price: 50€HT/u, with bracket (2), 30€HT/unit without holder - Interface cable required: + 10€.

  • Honeywell Voyager 1602g 2D = price sold out: 180€HT , BT, 2D, USB, BT (iOS), en kit (USB), noir (hw1602kitos - 1602G2D-2USB-OS) scanner Bluetooth, scanner miniature, 2D, imageur, USB, Bluetooth (iOS, classe 2, portée: 10 m), inclus: câble (USB, type A, micro), batterie, dragonne, couleur: noir - Total retail price: 444 €HT

List and prices of used barcode terminals

  • ZEBRA EC30 + arm support = price sold out: 175€HT

portable data collection terminal,2D, imageur (SE2100), 7,6 cm (3’’), USB (type C), Bluetooth, WiFi (802.11ac), audio, 854x480 pixels, Qualcomm Octa Core, 2,2 GHz, RAM: 4 Go, flash: 32 Go, Android (8.1), IP54, inclus: batterie, 1200 mAh - public price: 328.5 €

  • Arm mount, standard length strap, fits for: EC30 - public price: 40.91 €
  • HONEYWELL EDA51 + device and battery charging dock + new battery = sale price: 270€HT

Android 8 with GMS,WWAN,802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, N6603 scan engine, 1.8 GHz 8 core, 2GB/16GB Memory, 13MP Camera, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, Battery 4,000 mAh, charge par port usb ou Dock , Grey, EU Référence fabricant: EDA51-1-B623SOGOK , public price : 855€

  • Docking station (charge of 1 terminal + 1 battery) KIT,HB,EDA51,EU , manuf. ref.: EDA51-HB-2 - public price 138€

New rubber protectors are also available in addition for this product.

List of used printers

  • Epson TM-m30 printer POS tickets = price sold out: 90€HT

model : M335B sn : X234008114 with power supply NFC, USB (cash drawer release), BT, Ethernet connections black

  • PR2 INTERMEC - HONEYWELL = price sold out: 120€HT TICKETS , rugged, mobile BELT CLIP, BATT+ CHARGER cn PR2A3006100 MDF 201608 sn 22421646001 BT (Bluetooth)+ USB