Continuous barcode reading: speed of capture and augmented reality (AR) assistance

Continuous barcode reading: speed of capture and augmented reality (AR) assistance

we’re developing our own camera-based reading interfaces: you’ll always get the maximum help from an Android smartphone!

As part of our ongoing research into and improvement of Android camera performance, including our announcement on the speed of camera-based barcode reading, we’re developing our own camera-based reading interfaces, we have achieved continuous automatic detection and reading of barcodes passing under the camera field at high speeds. We have now mastered this technology and are able to include it in our professional applications to help with code entry, or the search for precise barcodes in a given area.

Quick video demo: continuous reading and barcode selection assistance ID: 30s (silent)

Principles and application examples

As the value and symbology of each code is analyzed in real time as soon as the barcode or QR code, Datamatrix (see list of fonts below) passes in front of the camera, a precise selection of values can be stored in memory for use in the data entry process at a later date.

For example, if you have a list sheet of item barcodes and order numbers (printed from an ERP) with distinctive values in the codes.

The continuous mode will allow you to press a button on the screen while passing the camera in front of the sheet, in order to create a digital order preparation list in the smartphone: then, depending on the information present, we can imagine helping the order preparation operator, in logistics, such as telling him exactly where to put away the products he receives, or finding the items he needs to prepare for an order.

What’s more, with an added function, we can interactively indicate on the operator’s screen and audibly where the item is located with the same barcode as on the list prepared beforehand!

Which mobile can scan what?

You can scan continuously with the camera of an Android smartphone from version 8 upwards.

Barcode scanning speed depends on (recall) :

  • the quality of the optics, the firmware of your camera (always the one on the back of the device), imager or scanner integrated into your smartphone, in this case called a “rugged terminal”.
  • the quality, font and size of your printed barcodes: if you have items or labels that you don’t know how to print, reading the barcode font (see barcode reading principle) will take more or less seconds or milliseconds, depending on the reader, or may not be readable at all!
  • the position of the barcodes on the label: proximity, number, white “quiet zone” around each one,
  • software ergonomics: the position of keys and touchpads will save you one or two seconds per scan,
  • the amount of information to be completed by the operator: this depends on the needs of the application.

About standard formats / fonts / symbologies:

- linear formats: Codabar, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, EAN-8, EAN-13, ITF, UPC-A et UPC-E
- 2D formats: Aztec, Data Matrix, PDF417, code QR

We can add defined symbology selections to our applications.

You already have an Android smartphone and would like to test your printed labels with our drivers, so that we can develop them for you?

New free demo app for continuous camera scanning and Augmented Reality (AR) search: Apk provided on Productivix private repository, on request - link and loading QRcode provided To install, read here

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