Data entry, mobile printing, stock management on hosted ERP DOLIBARR

Data entry, mobile printing, stock management on hosted ERP DOLIBARR

We create off-line mobile barcode or Rfid scanning applications for Dolibarr, either for you or as part of a shared application, in conjunction with Dolibarr’s existing APIs (interfaces), so that your investment is protected over the long term against version upgrades.

These are generally applications for data input by scanning, or for updating or output such as printing invoices or barcode labels with product image, on professional office or mobile ZPL printers.

First of all, what is Dolibarr? The simple Open-Source software for your business

Dolibarr is ready for teleworking right from the start! You work on a browser connected to your database.

We carry out your analysis and configure your Dolibarr accordingly, and develop your mobile solution or take from our generic scanning and label printing solutions, tailor-made in direct link with this ERP. As a result, it’s now possible to use Dolibarr for barcode-based inventory management and purchasing.

We are listed on the Dolibarr suppliers page.

Moving the budget to time-saving, quality-enhancing mobile applications: We’re very familiar with Dolibarr and its functions. We assume that you know or can learn how to set it up (we’re here to help if it doesn’t work). So we’re offering it at “cost price”.
Why do we do this? We prefer to offer you, within your budget, more rapid barcode entry applications that use Dolibarr as a means of organized data storage, and to add the functions that your business lacks.

In addition, we host and configure your Dolibarr ERP.

  • All Dolibarr hosting is on servers in France,
  • Databases are replicated every day on a server located elsewhere in France.

These arrangements enable you to be switched to another machine in the event of a service interruption, or in the event of a major incident on the main site lasting more than 24 hours. We remind our customers that it is the responsibility of the owner of the data to regularly repatriate it to their own information systems. Backups are available for this purpose.

As this ERP is accessible to all, we accept to see your specifications or listen to your needs. However, any response work, analysis, POC, mock-up on this system is an added value that can be used by you, and will be quoted and invoiced before installation. Conversely, you can take the installation, our standard software and test it yourself. Support and parameterization on this ERP is a usable, billable added value.