Welcome to this part of our website, where you’ll find information on the techniques we use to integrate our applications, as well as tips and tricks to help you better define your project and reduce its cost.

In fact: since 2012, we’ve been creating tailored business traceability mobile applications by “assembling” functions, in order to reduce development time and customer involvement.

As an essential complement to specific mobile apps for portable “pocket” computers, for companies wishing to save their data directly in a database, we create a secure interface to the database, known as an “API “. As a complement to this, and to better manage your data in-house, since 2021 we’ve been offering a standard no-code interface for managing data in spreadsheet format.

And for those who want web pages to display results to their customers, we create custom web pages. This brings us up to a level known in the industry as “full-stack”.

Software made in France All our software is designed and created in France, by French people, using the latest technologies, and we control 100% of the code produced. Our licenses and development contributions are our only sources of revenue, and no data is shared with or exploited by third parties.