Ensure traceability + authenticity of products, identities with NFC

Ensure traceability + authenticity of products, identities with NFC

Authentic Rfid I/O traceability solution

The aim is to identify a person or a precious object as they enter a department or a place, and to record their identity or description, origin and immediate date of entry on an electronic card (RFID)=an attached bracelet, using their smartphone. Then, as they leave, to check that the signature on the card is genuine, before recording their immediate date of exit from the place.

Both registrations are recorded in a history file of the day transmitted to our server with a digital fingerprint guaranteeing that the association (body - identity) has not been falsified since its creation. The histories can then be integrated and used in an Excel file for the customer’s own use, a part not guaranteed by our services.

Context of the solution for traceability and authentication of the identity of a body or object:

In the morgue, there is a high risk of mixing up the identity of deceased bodies when they are moved from one drawer or locker to another by unintentional or other means (see usurpations).

Authentication of bodies is carried out on entry, and must be guaranteed right through to exit, whatever the personnel in place.

Moreover, in certain cases, usurpations and voluntary changes of identity are also to be feared. We were asked to find a traceability solution using a light, mobile device.

Authentication certificates and chain of trust

Authentication certificates and chain of trust

Solution benefits

Our mobile solution offers identification, trusted third-party and time-limited archiving functions.

Anti-piracy authentication

  1. date/time data collected and transferred by encrypted ID and fingerprint, certificates between entry and exit, in secure inter-company/institutional transfers. Data has no opportunity to be modified thanks to encryption and our certificate repository;
  2. protection against rewriting on an invalid tag at output (on recyclables),
  3. with disposable RFID wristbands: physical ‘void’ device to control non-change, detachment from the object, from the body, without any personal data on it,
  4. the application: password-protected; modifiable on request once a year, thus eliminating access to staff who have left the facility with a terminal with the application installed,
  5. Revocation by simply uninstalling the authenticated application,
  6. Productivix file server: password-protected, domain certificate
  7. certificate storage location: printed label with digital fingerprint: no falsification easily possible
  8. body and identity transfers from one location equipped with our solution to another.

Simple installation of the mobile authentication solution.

  1. from a single smartphone with NFC ,
  2. no network required except intermittent smartphone data network, or wifi,
  3. data hosted on Productivix server: no server configuration required,
  4. disposable RFID wristbands with proof of tearing and therefore change of object/person assignment.

Simplicity of use.

  1. very few consumables: recyclable or disposable wristbands,
  2. repositionable, direct thermal label per storage location.


  • Hospitals: mortuary
  • Small town morgues, bush morgues (export, Africa),
  • any goods storage location requiring proof and authentication.

Context and minimum equipment to be provided by the customer

  • An Android smartphone with NFC, camera, BT, Wifi and/or network: 2/3 G + data on each smartphone: non-permanent use of data
  • or alternatively: terminal with wifi, non-permanent,

light infrastructure for the customer: we provide:

  • the database and an authentic file retrieval web page to retrieve via the Internet your daily history files with their digital fingerprint generated by our software from the smartphone with each file: if you load the history file and its fingerprint from our server: you can check with software available on the market that the fingerprint matches that of the file, which proves that the file has not been altered. 1 Login per SIRET and password, files stored for 3 months on the server.

  • Mobile authentication and tracking application, annual license, per Siret + annual Internet access to the pivotal infrastructure of your authentic data, including support and minor updates, runs on Android equipped with camera, NFC, BT and Wifi.

  • Unique identifiers with NFC chip: void disposable wristband models, in batches of 100, 200, 500, 1000, identified with our company logo, option with your logo from 2000 units and on quotation, with 100 characters memory, i.e. all you need for patient/object identity, origin, date of entry, exit.

    Tag on Tyvek

    Tag on Tyvek

  • or recyclable ‘watch-type’ identifiers, or yellow recyclables to be attached with ‘colson’ 3.6 x 300, not supplied: but in this case patient authentication is impossible to ensure.

  • 1 300 dpi ZPL printer (optional) with BT or Wifi depending on option, recommended for printing the storage location label: Bixolon, Zebra in normal or “health” version (for hospitals),

    Encrypted label

    Encrypted label

  • Consumables: direct thermal labels, repositionable or not, washable or not,

  • Optional printer service contract (outside Africa),

  • Terminal (optional) with NFC, at least BT+Wifi + imager (faster scans but not necessary) or commercial or ruggedized smartphone with camera.

Application still at pre-study and feasibility stage.