No-code spreadsheet display of your hosted data

No-code spreadsheet display of your hosted data

Mobile data hosting: a key factor in any large-scale mobile application!

Every complete mobile application has initial data and collected data: customers love their spreadsheets for this! But the Excel spreadsheet can’t be shared across multiple terminals. And the data must be on their server: we have a “no-code” solution that meets these constraints.

Initial data (such as item description tables, prices, orders, settings, parcels, customers), for example, are read-only, but the user can sort them according to criteria expressed directly without support or programs, as in Excel.

The data collected by the terminals is stored in tables that can be modified without coding from a browser, in Excel format.

All in total security!

How do customers access this important service, which complements our mobile apps?

Our customers take out a hosting subscription for their data with one of our selected hosting providers, at a very reasonable price. The database settings are made via our online support.

They import their data into the database via csv files (== Excel), and we build them the mobile app of their dreams, with an Excel-like web interface that accesses this database.

Secure and confidential access is reserved for each type of user. The interface is translated into 30 foreign languages.

Our customers can then create their own statistics and reports according to their preferences.

Large-scale multi-site and international applications can thus be realized.

The advantages of the hosted solution in table format:

  • data can be shared across the company,
  • data in table format similar to Excel, so easy to understand and update, and to create statistics, reports and graphs yourself,
  • import, save and export data in Excel-compatible formats
  • link data from several tables to each other via our mobile application
  • data under your account,
  • at least 2 recommended database hosts, not shown here,
  • read and write access to the database from our applications on your smartphones, according to your rights and requirements.
Browser-based spreadsheet interface for PC processing of entered or stored data

Browser-based spreadsheet interface for PC processing of entered or stored data

The advantages of a shared, hosted database interfaced with our APIs: more ambitious multi-site projects and rapid, secure access:

  • database hosted in the country of the customer’s choice, including France
  • payable by the month directly to the host, and therefore owned by the customer,
  • secured by the host and only one automatic access: via our API,
  • both the customer and us can access it securely,
  • the customer can store MySQL or PostGreSQL databases,
  • the customer can have his own APIs for other uses on his database.

In short, it’s a neutral exchange ground where the customer is at home and the Productivix editor can access without breaking anything on the customer’s premises.

Possible mobile applications :


From production and logistics applications, to simplified inventory management, transport and parcel tracking, and manufacturing tracking with serial numbers for medical and security applications, an international app, anything is possible.

Call us to talk about it!