Print barcode labels without purchasing fonts, in bulk or retail quantities

Print barcode labels without purchasing fonts, in bulk or retail quantities

You don’t know how to print barcodes, or you’re already printing barcodes on an A4 laser with free 39 fonts, but it’s time-consuming, expensive and the code doesn’t read well? Improve this task with our solutions!

Bulk, with Excel or other database

Would you like to start printing barcode labels for your identification, inventory and asset tracking project, then track them with a mobile terminal and at least Excel or a database?

Then start with mass printing using one of our dedicated barcode label printers and the right database software.

Then you can harness the power of barcodes and their professional symbologies for your mobile applications, and print barcode labels on demand by the unit from your mobile.

The problem with mass barcode printing

You don’t have barcode labels on your products, orders, BLs, preparation orders, nor printers for this purpose, nor barcode fonts.

You have an inventory project, an asset tracking project, or a maintenance device tracking project. You have a file of your references and designations in Excel, Csv, Libre Office or Access, or another ODBC professional database.

You know the type of support you want to stick these self-adhesive labels on (hot, large, cold, wear), or these labels are bracelets.

At first: you’ll print lots of them to label everything, products, orders, work in progress,

Then: you’ll print them one by one on demand from the terminal, on an event.

THE solution for mass label printing (from Excel, for example)

buy the printer, get the design and printing software free!

Do you have data to print in volume on an Access database, or text files (csv), or Excel data tables for your barcode labels?

We can offer you a quality printer to match your requirements in terms of size, speed and volume.

All common professional barcode symbologies are included.

Only for this brand, custom barcode label printing software linked to a database is included, which is rare!

database link screen and barcode label design and printing software

database link screen and barcode label design and printing software

This complementary label design software enables users to create their own label designs, and is compatible with all label printers in the range.

Offering database links as well as text, image, multi-text and barcode creation functions, it enables perfect label personalization.

Barcodes printed in this way will read perfectly with handhelds, scanners, our camera-reading applications or terminals with imagers!

With us, you’ll choose a ZPL-compatible network label printer. This will enable you to take the next, longer step: printing labels on demand.

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Direct PDF printing solution

Some label printer ranges offer direct printing of PDF files.

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The on-demand label printing solution, with or without barcodes:

What is print on demand? This is one of the following situations of the operator:

  • he notices a product without a barcode label, but can identify it perfectly by other means, and find it in a list. He then takes his Android terminal application and requests a printout on the network printer or his belt printer connected by BT (Bluetooth), and sticks the label on the product,
  • he needs to add a serial number to the product at the end of the production line: he can enter or optically recognize the number with our software, and print the right label with the barcode serial number.

To meet these requirements, we offer you :

  • a barcode terminal with Wifi or Bluetooth (they all have it) if you don’t have one or don’t have a smartphone
  • the same ZPL printer that you used to mass-print your items, in TCP/IP (network) mode
  • or a Bluetooth printer (if you’re on the move), adapted to the type of media you’re printing on, with the right settings.
  • consumables adapted to the project and media,
  • settings,
  • and, above all, Android-based software adapted to the situation and demand, linked to print data and templates.
  • browser-based software for on-demand printing from a PC with a handheld device,

Label printing formats are fully configurable with ZPL language, for example, and the printer already has the barcode fonts and their transcription: you send the data to be printed, and it’s directly translated according to your wishes.

Here’s an example of a small 50 x 51mm label produced with a ZPL-compatible printer in 2" from a program.

Direct printing of barcode labels on tapes without font purchase

Direct printing of barcode labels on tapes without font purchase

The possible modes of communication between our applications and the printer.

Print management between the Android terminal running the application and the printer can be done using only one of these 2 methods:

  • Bluetooth,
  • Ethernet TCP/IP or Wifi on fixed address (DHCP)

Case of several label formats or models

In the case of several label formats or types, we will suggest one printer per label. we’ll suggest a printer for each format/type. In the case of several print models : we will group by format / type. we’ll group the models by format, then you’ll design each label model, which we’ll integrate into our mobile application.

The mobile app will allow you to choose your printer if several choices are available, or the app will choose according to demand.

Wristband solutions, printing, barcodes, Rfid for medical applications

Direct thermal printable wristbands offer a simple and effective solution for identifying patients quickly and clearly, with minimal set-up costs..

Wristband and printer solutions for patient identification

Wristband and printer solutions for patient identification

Designed for thermal printers, these wristbands can be printed on demand with text and durable barcodes for reliable digital patient identification.

Mistaken identification exposes patients to the most serious risks. Wristband solutions for adults meet the most diverse requirements of healthcare facilities: patient comfort, reduced medical errors, improved workflow and simplified admission procedures.

Mobile printer for medical workstations

Mobile printer for medical workstations

We have the complete solution for medical environments:

  • customized software for all mobile barcode or Rfid functions possible in hospital environments: identification, tracking and inventory, reception, visit reports, treatment follow-up, etc.
  • Mobile medical barcode terminals
  • Thermal printers for all medical applications: receipts, wristbands, labeling, resistance to cleaning products and extreme temperatures
  • Resistant, customized labels,
  • identification bracelets for adults, children, teenagers and infants.

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