Study of mobile application to complement product or service

Study of mobile application to complement product or service

Solution production service based on concrete examples or your own business case for which strategic development could involve developing a professional mobile solution with or without barcodes, RFID, a remote measurement add-on via IoT (Internet of Things) and transforming a sales model with recurring revenues.

Identify how to implement this key application for your success and the implications for your service, product, pricing and margins. Get a functional mock-up.

Your situation is one of the following:

  1. the product being sold is in competition with another, and an additional service provided by a mobile application would be beneficial to sales,
  2. the product lacks a geolocation capability or a sensor (e.g. temperature, humidity) and the addition of a mobile object (IoT) is conceivable, but we don’t know the technology or where to find it,
  3. any additional function added to the product for use on a mobile.

Your objective :

  • increase your product sales,
  • increase your product and overall margins
  • increase customer loyalty
  • transform a sales model.

Example: IOT solution for remote measurement of extreme temperatures: Remote and mobile measurement of extreme temperatures across Europe: example of recording the number of fires in fire drill containers for preventive maintenance planning: electronic hardware and software on smartphone.

Can be adapted to refrigerated products, cryogenics or frozen food trucks to identify and warn of cold breaks.

Remote access to the temperature curve (thermocouple probe and device) on your smartphone or any other data processing device.

Our multi-stage proposal:

  • Part offered remotely:
    • Listen to your product, situation and project description,
    • Share with you real-life examples relevant to your situation,
    • Discuss possible solutions with you,
  • Part on quotation and order :
    • Draw up specifications
    • Explain possible technologies applicable to your situation
    • Make a functional mock-up of the solution: software and mobile, IoT.

Series of meetings on schedule, location: Bourgoin-Jallieu or on your site, depending on your budget.

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