Import/export modules for csv database files: items, stock locations, contacts

Import/export modules for csv database files: items, stock locations, contacts

A very convenient option for procurement or inventory modules, and even indispensable for quotations: have the list of items in stock for the supply-chain or sales, so that you can see the item code designation clearly, for example, or have contact emails in 3 letters ….

Csv file in UTF-8 format.

The contact import module

is optional and useful for 3-letter e-mail selections in the :

  • replenishment
  • parcel reception for concierge services

It will also enable traceability by DLUO (use by date), DLC (use by date), N/S (serial number), lot number, if an item number with variations in color, size, linked to an order, a delivery note ….

Features of the csv import module for items:

You can freely define the counting unit for each item. You can also declare how you want to track these items in detail: by serial number, DLUO, Lot, … The article import module is useful and optional for the following modules:

  • replenishment by email / csv
  • order reception or dispatch,
  • inventories

It is required for :

  • quotation

  • csv import/export field separation character (usually “;”, but can be set with other characters such as “/”)

  • several fields in this order: item code, description, storage location, sales price, unit, type [NS,LOT,DLUO,DLC,VARCOUL,VARTAILLE].

  • sort by item code

  • item deletion,

  • price with comma: ex 15,5

  • csv export of remaining table.

Stock location import module features :

  • allows you to define your own warehouse locations
  • restrict entry to these locations on request.

Application in modules
part of a range of modular automated supply-chain management applications for VSE warehouses
other functions can complement this module: see common features .
  • license required per terminal per year: users can try out 30 days of limited functionality,

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