Barcode matching test application: Avoid mix-ups and prove it!

Barcode matching test application: Avoid mix-ups and prove it!

After just a few hours on the job, shipping and logistics operators start to notice that item reference codes are similar. You need to compare barcodes quickly and reliably!

Give your operators mobile verification software: the barcode coder to reduce customer complaints due to product mix-ups. It checks that two, several or a string of codes are identical.

To be installed on a rugged, high-speed, close-reading terminal for production, or a simple smartphone (slow, close-reading). Avoid mixing up parts for shipping. It’s a kind of digital poka-yoke.

Options logins and/or with traceability key, local backup of BL / purchase order traces, history to prove to a customer the one-time correct execution of the control.

Multilingual: GB / FR /IT /D: English, French, Italian, German!

For all Android terminals. Try it out!

Meet the need for operational excellence and reduce customer complaints:

you want to install an easy-to-use, visual and audible tool that lets users test the correspondence between two or more complicated or long barcodes printed on a BL (bill of lading), an OF (manufacturing order), a product, a case or a box, and avoid confusing codes and references.

Our application compares linear (1D), QR-code and Datamatrix (2D) barcodes with each other, depending on your barcode reader terminal, enabling factories, warehouses and logistics departments to improve quality testing and reduce delivery errors.

This software can read codes 2 by 2, or even n by n (“n” taking the value you set) or in a row (configurable option), and check that they are identical, displaying the last two and indicating with a green or red color whether their values are identical or not, or whether one of the values in the chain has been different (orange border). In “string” mode, similar to the “n by n” option, the test is carried out continuously: as long as the code is identical to the previous one, it remains green, but warns you as soon as a code is different. This chain mode can be used to test sheets of labels, printed matter or pharmaceutical leaflets.

The truth table is as follows, depending on the options: (1 = positive=green, 0=negative=red, “A”, “B”, “C” are scanned barcodes)

Option in n per n cycle, here n=2

2 by 2 comparison truth table

Option in n per n cycle, here n=3

3 by 3 comparison truth table

Option in chain

unlimited comparative table of truths

Provide proof of control! (history options, logins)

To provide customers with proof that their order has been properly verified, the order code, BL or other key can be entered on a regular basis, or modified on request, before each chain of comparisons (logs of good and bad scans). The trace is dated for each scan, and the history is saved on a local file on the terminal/smartphone, so that it can be extracted and saved in the event of a claim, and thus prove your good faith.

Ergonomic screen design

in a single screen, the user simply scans in line: the colored display in the corner of the eye informs the user of the correspondence between the last two scans and the entire cycle (in the case of more than 2 comparisons). A different audible alarm is emitted, depending on the case, and is particularly useful for different codes.

Barcode comparison, portrait mode and camera scan: display with history, in test mode

Barcode comparison, portrait mode and camera scan: display with history, in test mode

A success rate indicator and the number of comparisons made are also added.

Some rugged terminals with different ergonomics:

Pistol-type terminal with scanner

Pistol-type terminal with scanner

You can use ruggedized smartphones (we sell them) or off-the-shelf smartphones, with this barcode comparison software. The speed of camera reading, which has been fine-tuned by our own drivers, will be slower than a laser/imager terminal, but the budget will be more attractive.

Our terminals, or your terminals (see approved list on this site) with integrated barcode reader, can increase code comparison speed, and therefore quality control productivity.

French-designed rugged smartphone with camera

French-designed rugged smartphone with camera

Works on “GMS” (Google Mobile Service) or “non-GMS” terminals.

This type of application is intended for close reading (<50cm).

We have several heavy-duty production terminals that we can integrate to suit your needs and environment.

Tablet or smartphone in armband with hands-free kit

Bar code scanner finger for hands-free scanning

Bar code scanner finger for hands-free scanning

Our new application is designed for landscape ergonomics, and can receive scanned values from a scanner linked via Bluetooth.

Chain barcode comparison: red or orange color display = different - landscape

Chain barcode comparison: red or orange color display = different - landscape

Other ideas and requests?

You have other ideas and needs: our company _custom-develops _these kinds of mobile applications for you: ask for a custom scan mobile application design quote: call better than formal.

Other versions of custom concordance tests (on request):

  1. tailored to your labels (e.g. Galia adaptation to codes that are not quite identical but contain a common root, (prefix /suffix) with several codes to read and compare) barcode comparison for Galia
  2. adapted to your needs and quality processes: keep track of who scanned it and when for customer proof, read and display product photo on screen etc… with our custom-made authenticity infrastructure
  3. check for identical symbology,
  4. with OCR: character recognition, read alphanumeric references that only appear in text.


  • 08/02/24: V1 PRX range - new design and development system: more options and scanning possibilities
  • 09/29/22: V3 - KX range - revised design with track history and registration key options, English-French version
  • 02/03/21:V3.0.3: tested on Windows 10 PC with DS4801 handheld scanner: PC version available: How to install application on Win 10 (no longer available)
  • 08/31/20:V3.0.1: added “n by n” cycle mode
  • 07/01/20:V2: continuous mode added = chain mode
  • 04/03/20:V1.1.5: ergonomic improvements, compatible with smartphone terminals from 3" screen size.


  • in automotive supplier companies
  • fuel delivery and storage companies (ATEX version)
  • watchmaking and screw-cutting companies

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Download the Android evaluation version of the comparison application, limited to 30 comparisons.

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