Mobile barcode asset tracking software, ready to use

Mobile barcode asset tracking software, ready to use

Who had this tool, this packaging, for the last time?

Who hasn’t lost a machine (power tool) on a construction site, not knowing to whom it was delivered? Which packaging or deposit was delivered, to whom and when?

Here’s a software package with a back-end database that enables your warehouse staff to assign, track and locate drills, disk saws, spindles, PPE, recyclable packaging, etc., and find out to whom they’ve given a tool.

Mobile software that will give your operators and customers a sense of responsibility, enabling them to pass on a tool, packaging or asset by scanning the barcode on their smartphone camera: the information and responsibility of the person who took it is retained.

The use and value promise of our mobile collaborative management of material and human assets

You can manage your materials - construction and other materials, handling equipment, packaging, reverse logistics, power tools, equipment, vehicles, agricultural equipment, small equipment (drills, lawnmowers, medical equipment), audiovisual equipment, scaffolding, containers, PPE and the periodic checks carried out on each of them - from your PC or smartphone, with the data securely stored either in csv format, or on a database synchronized by all the players in the software. Based on the fact that equipment, instructions or packaging are identified individually by a unique fixed and virtually unalterable barcode, warehouse staff can assign equipment to a person, a vehicle, a customer, for a worksite. Our software is an inter-operator tracking tool.

Your operators are empowered and can easily take an active part in the proper tracking and collection of tools on job sites. They don’t need to have 3G / 4G all the time, a Wifi connection from time to time is enough: we use the “off-line” mode..

No more multiple entries on your Excel spreadsheets or paper forms, no more wasted time and expense due to poor equipment, PPE and stock management, and no more site stoppages.

You know in near-real time where a specific piece of equipment is, and because the data cannot be changed manually and is stored with a third party, you also have a proof tool. You know where equipment or packaging has been recently, and therefore identify sources of food contamination or destruction.

Main functions of the smartphone tool tracking application

  • Create assets by importing csv files
  • Know and locate the person or resource who last handled the equipment or packaging,
  • Assignment of assets to a resource, inventory and pick-up, asset location queries
  • Works offline: with intermittent networks,
  • Asset label replacement, list printing
  • Export database data to csv file,
  • provides inventory by location or person at any time.

Immediate benefits for you and your customers of the software for tracking equipment fleets, recyclable packaging fleets, deposits, etc.

  • Real, non-modifiable data, updated by several members of your staff, increased awareness of the value of loaned tools.
  • Your investment pays for itself within the first few months: our tool probably represents less than a quarter of the annual cost of financing new equipment.
  • You have an almost instantaneous view of the status of your fleet,
  • You can collaborate with your colleagues or customers to collect and track each other’s equipment, and reverse logistics on packaging.

Who is this equipment and recyclable packaging tracking software designed for?

For any company, especially if you’re in a high-risk sector where safety demands strict management rules and frequent periodic checks, or if your equipment is frequently exchanged between different sites, worksites, users…

For all sectors: construction, industrial equipment, food, medical, pharmaceutical, telecoms, logistics, recyclable packaging, sports and leisure, mountains, public institutions, hospitals, technical services…

and for sensitive industries: nuclear, energy, lifting, health, food, asbestos removal, chemicals/petrochemicals, acrobatic work…

Our smartphone tool management application + stainless steel barcode labels for fleet tracking

includes at least :

  • the software for Android,
  • stainless steel barcode labels for equipment: they can be riveted or attached to the tool by a link (Colson, Rilzan), otherwise glued - in batches of 50 mini. - In the test phase, we can supply a set of self-adhesive paper labels free of charge (on request).

and optional :

  • browser-based access for multiple users to a database hosted in France or the USA, which groups all data and belongs to you.

Storekeepers can start with a commercial Android smartphone.

To speed up barcode entry, we provide for :

  • the warehouse keeper: one of the Android imager terminals from the retail and light industry terminal range
  • computer-based administrator: a hand-held scanner with wired (or Bluetooth) connection, or any other Imager 2D barcode scanner if you already have one.

Options: (developments to be planned)

  • labels can be offered in materials other than stainless steel, such as paper, plastic, polyester for gluing, or even Rfid NFC or UHF if required,
  • Equipment reservation module,
  • we are developers: don’t hesitate to formulate your specific requirements.

Modules required from the “ProdScCsv “ range:

Single-user version, exports in csv :

  • Inventory
  • Transfers
  • Inventory status

Option on terminal with integrated imager: “external scan”.


Per establishment (SIRET/SIREN): the time license is charged according to the NUMBER of terminals / PCs: fixed or mobile. Our advantage : unlimited number of assets / devices to track.

Application in modules
part of a range of modular automated supply-chain management applications for VSE warehouses
other functions can complement this module: see common features .
  • license required per terminal per year: users can try out 30 days of limited functionality,

Request to evaluate this application!

Do you have a similar need? Don’t hesitate to tell us what you need: a copy of a pencil drawing of an interface, examples of interface files, a video of an obsolete software program in action will be enough.