serial number barcode label printing app

serial number barcode label printing app

At the end of the production line, for incoming labeling: mobile app that answers the question: how can I add a label with a different serial number to each product with its barcode using my cell phone?

Efficient barcode label printing app:

The operator presses the “print” button each time he has a new valid product in his hands, and a label is printed with the next serial number. If he exits the app, the number is saved, and when he returns, there will be no duplicates.

A batch number (like a BL) can be scanned or entered manually at the start of a run: it will be printed as a barcode or in plain text on the label, depending on the model.

example labels with unique serial number and batch/order number

example labels with unique serial number and batch/order number

Possible settings for this barcode printing app:

Serial number format can be configured:

  • increment step (standard +1)
  • prefix: string before N°,
  • suffix: string after N°,
  • start number of next label

The label template is easy to customize: your ZPL printer comes with formatting software: replace the serial no. with “PRX1” and the batch no. with “PRX2”, print on a file (.prn), transfer it to your Android smartphone and select it with the button on our app.

The address of your printer on the same network can be changed: the printer must be in ZPL, it accepts data on port 9100 normally.


ZPL, must be on the same network as the terminals - we can also supply you with the correct printer and consumables.

Combinable options :

  • enter logins
  • keep logs / print history

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