Our main references and testimonials

Our main references and testimonials

Our customers testify

Some words from our customers :

Pierre-Jean L., Administrator of a paint and coatings store in Belgium written in June 2023, customer since 2019:

Solution sold in stock management

“The Productivix company has been our supplier for a few years for our mobile inventory management applications. Productivix customized the application to our specific requirements within a very reasonable timeframe. They recently implemented a new order management module that saves us an enormous amount of time. We are very satisfied with our collaboration with them”.

André, owner of a last-mile transport company in Switzerland, geolocation solution for mobile parcel depots, deployed in 2017, still in operation in 2023

Solution sold in geolocation

“Our requirement was to obtain a complete delivery tracking solution with the geographical position of each parcel delivered and a mobile system enabling a rapid response to any customer request for the location of their parcels. At the same time, this data entry replaces the route forms provided by our customers.”

  • how did you go about analyzing and designing the solution right up to the mock-up? (1 or 2 sentences with examples)

The project was carried out in a professional manner, with a detailed, formalized and precisely written analysis, and a precise and comparative choice of ruggedized terminals from several manufacturers that could be used on the project, taking into account the available budgets. The functional mock-up was delivered 3 months after the order was placed, and enabled us to test the entire solution (2 applications) on a portable laser terminal, and to appreciate the ergonomics and sequence of screens offered to the user, as well as the colors and legibility, since it had to be usable at night by drivers. The database and its mobile links were installed at the same time.

  • what can you say about the deployment of the solutions? (1 or 2 sentences with examples)

The most difficult solution to deploy was the geolocation data entry application on a fleet of terminals: we discovered other problems that we hadn’t anticipated at the outset, in particular the problems of managing and preventing errors by our many drivers. The solution provided for remote deployment by download and automatic installation of upgrades was very useful for updating new versions as changes were requested, and we appreciated the responsiveness of our supplier, who understands our business. We also took the opportunity to add the ability to enter kilometers (departure/arrival) per tour and per vehicle, in order to automate a paper form.

The easiest solution to deploy was the sister application for responding on a smartphone to a customer’s request for a parcel location, sending a text message with the parcel’s coordinates, or an email with more detailed information and a link to a Google Maps map.

  • what can you say about the functions and advantages of the terminals and the software functions for you and your customers?

The functions of the terminals we’ve chosen and of the overall solution are very satisfying for us, fast for our drivers and our customers, to whom we provide a more precise and responsive service than before, with less daily effort. This means we don’t lose any parcels on our rounds, and we know exactly where each parcel is deposited, even parcels deposited sometimes by rare error, given the quantity of parcels handled by our teams every day!

  • other comments: interesting functions, deployment…

A rugged Android terminal can also be used as a conventional smartphone: personal applications, telephone, e-mail and SMS are all possible, depending on the SIM cards inserted. Terminals that only use the driver’s application don’t need a SIM card (data), as data synchronization takes place via WiFi back at the depot. "

A communauté de Commune, from its solution installed in 2016, still in operation in 2023: about our mobile people access control system

[Solution sold:] (https://www.productivix.com/en/page/access-sorting-counting/) “Capacity certificate : Productivix has given us satisfaction, whether through the quality of its service or the efficiency of its administrative department.”

Philippe Coquet, in 2012, ran Franciaflex’s industrial business:

“William is a pragmatic Industrial organization consultant who was able to develop a simple solution in our plant (130 people): link 2 workshops located on 2 different floors on a just-in-time basis (Lean approach). Simple and effective.

Alain Graffeuille, in 2012:

“Very good analysis of our needs by PRODUCTIVIX for the elaboration of our ERP specifications.”

Some reference companies:

Small and medium-sized businesses: less than 50 employees

  • ABBAX: industrial sheet metal work
  • ACHARD: manufactures and distributes accessories for gutters and roofing components.
  • BONIONI SA: bar turning.
  • Design and manufacture of illuminated information panels
  • DATO: mechanical engineering company - approx. 10 people.
  • DPMR: offers precision mechanical assembly, precision screw-cutting and aeronautical machining services - approx. 10 people.
  • JOS INTERNATIONAL : Cycle lighting.
  • MOULIN MARION: Flour milling and organic flours for human consumption, organic animal feed.
  • PORTE SAS: Specialized sheet metal work for facades, roofs, buildings and custom-made products.
  • LIBRE ASSISTANCE: Home computer troubleshooting - free software in the Paris region - 2 people.
  • VASSEL : printing company.

SMI/SME: between 50 and 250 employees

  • ETS GRAFFEUILLE: rebuilding and standard exchange of diesel engines, gearboxes, axle noses and injection pumps for trucks + large stock of spare parts.
  • ICM -ISOSUD: machining of plastic parts - distribution of plastics.
  • INFIPLAST: plastic injection.
  • LOOK CYCLE Int: (Nevers - 58), manufacturer of carbon bicycles for road, track, triathlon and mountain biking, automatic pedals.
  • PAPETERIES DE LA GORGE: manufacture of special papers.
  • TECHNE: distribution of gaskets to a wide range of sectors, including the watchmaking and automotive industries

International groups and government agencies

  • BREITLING : Internationally renowned watch manufacturer - Haute Horlogerie - Switzerland
  • CARTIER :Internationally renowned watch manufacturer - Haute Horlogerie - Switzerland
  • CAMILLE FOURNET : Custom-made leather watch straps
  • Châtelain G & F SA, Chanel branch : Internationally renowned watch manufacturer - Haute Horlogerie - Switzerland
  • ENTREMONT ALLIANCE - Cheese production and distribution, traceability
  • EDF : Nuclear power plant,traceability
  • BOLLE - BUSHNELL: Eyewear, high-end sector: production and distribution.
  • CROCUS TECHNOLOGY: High-tech start-up in microelectronics: magnetic memories
  • IMI - Automotive electronics manufacturing - Czech Republic
  • LES DAUPHINS - CAPSUD : Custom ambulance design and assembly - Portugal manufacturing site
  • MESSIER-BUGATTI - production of brakes for the aerospace industry
  • Ministry of Justice: special workshops
  • MICHELIN - automotive tire production
  • TEFAL groupe SEB, cookware production

Productivix is listed as ACTIVATOR FRANCE NUM

France Num puts VSEs and SMEs wishing to digitize in touch with digital experts in their region to carry out a diagnosis, draw up an action plan for the digital transformation of your company, or implement solutions tailored to the needs identified.

A few words about the scheme

The France Num network is made up of over 2,000 “activators” or digital professionals listed on the France Num website. VSEs/SMEs can thus identify local professionals who can help them meet their identified needs.

These activators can be public digital advisors (Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Crafts) or private consultants, turnkey solution providers like us, or a specialist in the field. consultants, turnkey solution providers like us, or financing advisors for loans or grants.