William: engineer, manager, mobile barcode software developer

William: engineer, manager, mobile barcode software developer

Engineer coder, developer, designer of mobile applications for barcode or Rfid scanning, databases and front-end data restitution sites.

Software development at Productivix sarl: Full Stack: Java, JavaScript, React, React-Native, Hugo.

Passionate about technology, barcode and Rfid mobile systems, he develops standard and custom applications for Android, based on functional modules. He draws on his experience in cryptography at Gemplus to offer cost-effective authentication, traceability and trusted third-party software to design digital proof systems.

He analyzes customers’ needs in detail, and knows how to draw up neutral specifications.

He designs database models linked to his applications and to ERP systems such as Dolibarr (Open Source), as well as API-based websites (front-end) so that customers can retrieve their data (back-end).

He administrates the hosting of customer data and programs on customer servers in France. The choice of barcode terminals from the leading suppliers and the appropriate Rfid chips is also part of the customer’s expertise.

Updating and licensing systems are also developed in-house, so there’s no Google Play: only secure, professional solutions!

He develops his own barcode scanning drivers in native languages for better performance and stability.

Prior to 2002, when Productivix sarl was founded, he had worked as a production manager and plant turnaround engineer.

Started out as a graduate of the École Centrale de Lyon in 1986 with a study of TQM (Total Quality Management), quality circles and manufacturing process improvement in a Schlumberger electronic board manufacturing plant. TQM was spreading from Japan to Europe at the time, well before it was formalized in ISO 9001.

He then held positions in several service and production companies: MOORE PARAGON, SIEMENS, Schlumberger,GEMPLUS, HEWLETT-PACKARD in operational positions linked to production, industrialization, methods and development: director of various production: servers, smart cards, pharmaceutical leaflets, workshop manager, methods and engineering manager and cross-functional positions linked to the choice and installation of production management systems for international sites, M. E.S, organization projects, contact and contactless smart card personalization techniques, choice and financial calculations of return on investment for industrial equipment, and medium-term investment plans, and finally reports on purchase and construction projects for sites abroad (Japan, Spain), and turnaround of industrial sites in France and abroad (Belgium, Germany).

His aspirations:

Helping small and medium-sized businesses to improve their industrial and commercial performance with mobile methods and software that are affordable both ergonomically and financially.

He can easily assimilate an industrial environment into financial and physical flows, or create a conceptual data model in IT, with a sharp technical vision of industrial manufacturing processes, an aptitude for change management and management control, and the analysis of financial figures that enable him to guarantee compliance with the cost objectives of committed projects.

He has also retained a taste for staying at the cutting edge of technology, and for proposing solutions to his customers who use these technologies, particularly mobile and rapid data acquisition. He installed his first MES system with barcodes in a 100-person printing plant in 1994.

20% of his time is devoted to innovation, rapid barcode reading, IoT…


  • Engineer from École Centrale de Lyon in 1986,

  • DEA in integrated electronics,

  • Diplômé management ICG in 1995;

  • Full-stack JavaScript, React, React-Native at ‘Le Réacteur’ part-time between Sept 2021 and April 2022.

  • Dashboards on MongoDB databases

  • English: fluent; work abroad in English-speaking areas,

  • German: good, with work experience in Germany.


  • Voluntary manager of a condominium syndicate -manager and accountant of a real estate company investing in business premises

  • ex-expert de justice de la Cour d’Appel between 2007 and 2017, categories (Lyon and Grenoble) : - Industrial Processes (E.6.3), -Information Systems - Implementation (E.01.04)

Several trustworthy recommendations, including:

  • Philippe COQUET Company Manager “William is a pragmatic Industrial organization consultant who was able to develop a simple solution in our plant…”

  • Alain Graffeuille: Company manager, ETS GRAFFEUILLE SAS: “Very good analysis of our needs in drawing up our ERP specifications, …”

Social networks: William Piedfort is on LinkedIn and on Twitter under the name “Productivix”.