PPE verification and washing count by Rfid chips

We propose to insert, sew or glue RFID chips that store the number of times the PPE has been laundered with our smartphone software

Indeed, some RFID chips can store data : it is therefore very useful to use this function : it avoids requiring the development, payment of network costs and storage of information in a database : the data is actually in the chip of the PPE !

We read and update the PPE counters of a bag of laundry in less than 10 seconds !

The security of writing the data means that not just any operation can be authorized on this chip.

Our proposal : an embedded software on the Android smartphone plus a UHF "sled" (pistol reader)

We provide a software (to be developed according to this idea or yours), an RFID chip reader handle that quickly attaches to the smartphone and chips to be sewn, self-adhesive or inserted into clothing. The software allows to identify the PPE, to write and to check the counter of each chip belonging to its supply and not those of the others !

What does the law say in France about PPE maintenance ? we can help you !

Court of Cassation, Social Chamber, April 10, 2013, No. 12-16225 : "the employer must financially assume the maintenance of work clothes inherent to the function performed and whose wearing is imposed on employees."
By identifying as accurately as possible the PPE to be maintained, we help you to comply with the law easily.