We remotely develop and deliver your mobile barcode applications during containment

We SUPPORT and DELIVER ANY MOBILE DISTANCE DEVELOPMENT since long before the beginning of the crisis COVID-19 -

We would like to express our full support during this difficult time and hope that neither you nor your loved ones are affected by the virus that currently threatens us.

Following the various instructions from the French government concerning COVID-19, in order to reduce the spread of the virus, we are working from home or from the office according to the schedule and we have one person on duty in our establishment.
Here is what we do and don’t do anymore.

SUPPORT, delivery of mobile licenses, emails, phone answering, DISTANCE TRAINING

Support - meetings - partage écrans à distance
Support - meetings - partage écrans à distance

We always support our current and future customers on our mobile traceability applications.
The phone number and email do not change : CONTACT, quotation.

customised developments and upgrades of mobile traceability applications

We are still developing our mobile programs, upgrades are always provided online.

Meetings, organisation training and mobile remote development
We provide meetings and training by our digital remote means : Online support, demonstrate products and methods

Deliveries and preparation of hardened barcode scan material
We continue to secure and DELIVER current and future orders and prepare our customers’ material, install licenses and programs, although the times will depend on our suppliers and transport rights and will be longer : please anticipate.

Receiving and shipping mobile terminals and printers
They are insured by our transporters on the basis of a schedule drawn up in advance.
Export deliveries : on study, depending on customs.

which we replace advantageously during the crisis : on-site diagnostics
On-site diagnostics, meetings and training on the production site and at our premises are suspended until further notice.
On the other hand, meetings and distance training are assured : we have all the means and software for this. And for diagnostics, we have self-diagnostics that can easily help you at a lower cost.

See you soon !