What is a mobile terminal / PDA with integrated scanner ?

A mobile terminal / PDA with integrated scanner is a more ruggedized smartphone with a scanner (1D barcode = old) or an imager (1D + 2D codes) integrated in the head of the device that allows to scan barcodes.

Or with another addition, named "sled" which the terminal allows to scan RFID chips.
The terminal has intelligence (processor), memory, databases, in addition to the screen (touch) display and keyboards for some, and with programs for interaction with the user. They are now running on Android and can work independently.

The scanner, also commonly called "zapette", "scannette", is only a reader that replaces the keyboard and must be connected to a PC to be useful.

At the price level , a factor 10 to 20 separates these two families of products.

What is the purpose of the mobile terminal (PDA) with integrated scanner ?

  • to be mobile, inside the premises or outside, without wires,
  • to be fast and without input errors, without making manual entries,
  • to embed intelligence and start data, a mini-database (for example the list of orders to be received by supplier), calculation (of distances, rates, etc.),
  • Embed your data, organized and uploaded to the central database when necessary,
  • to automatically add to your data, without entering them, measurements of time (date, time), position (GPS), or other measurements (temperature, humidity) of a nearby sensor in order to constitute a proof (of quality, of veracity).

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