Are quality and productivity mutually incompatible ?

Quality is integrated in our missions, be it in engineering / development, at order placement or in production.

On a development and marketing level, our concept of being "good from the start" is an important quality to us and a part of any work we carry out.

On a starting out level, the SMED method measures start up time between the last good unit of the previous batch and the first good unit of the following batch.

On a manufacturing level, a productivity indicator, the OEE (definition available on this website) integrates the "good" units : quality becomes a day to day part of the result !

Now, should we produce BEFORE or AFTER being certified ISO (9000) or TS ?
 We have clients who are in both situations, certified or non-certified.
 Our methods include and respect granted certifications and develop the points that have been left by the wayside.
 We have consultants who can lead you to ISO quality certification.