What is mobile "Edge computing" or agile mobile digitization ? Common points with Lean

Mobile "Edge Computing" is a model of distributed computing between mobile terminals through the network, private or not, using as little as possible the resources of the "Cloud", like an ERP, thus staying at the "edge" of the Cloud, which explains the term "Edge". The terminals have a database system, a display and a physical or virtual keyboard and above all permanent memory and super powerful processors : this is more than enough.

So what is the purpose of Edge Computing ?

They can connect to local sensors and collect measurement data in order to process them and return them to the Cloud if necessary. Local analysis, local process statistics, local simulations, requiring no latency (with or without immediate network) are then perfectly adapted to give autonomy to the person.

It is a data structure that is well adapted to self-monitoring, self-diagnosis, easy installation monitoring without computer scientists with redundancy (self-replacement of data or machines), to encryption (digital signature) on the spot in the moment of the evidence data for example to authenticate.

At the end of the process, only the data needed for the cloud, for the ERP system for example, or for the digital evidence archive server are transmitted for storage.

Edge computing works where the action takes place, close to the production site, where autonomy and reactivity are required with a minimum of equipment : these are the common points with lean management.

We use all the possibilities of Edge computing in our mobile products and software : ask us !

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