Examples of mobile traceability software

We can realize, develop for you on Android those themes :

  • security patrols, inspection of security devices, hostile environments, semi-real time, without network or without subscription, collection of parcels or regulated waste, with geolocalization
  • minutes with recordings of geographical positions and facts (photos, video, signatures, temperature) that cannot be used to enforce them,
  • Itinerant, external, mobile, detached from the center, the factory, the head office, on site recording operations,
  • delivery, with signature on screen, sales assistance, follow-up of collections on site,
  • geolocation and tracking of routes,
  • outdoor sales at variable prices, without network, geolocated (like in nurseries),
  • inventory and fixed assets by barcodes,
  • barcode shop floor order tracking scan,
  • tracking and authentication of products, identity, signatures, NFC authentication of bodies,
  • reception, returns, taking of photos of parcel status,
  • proof of service, test, verification, round
  • follow-up of tools on site,
  • link with CRM, geolocation,
  • follow-up of medical prescription by the patient, follow-up by the practitioner and the supplier of the medicine,
  • sales in store, preparation of orders in E-commerce,
  • mobile measurement collection, predictive management of breakdowns and maintenance, after-sales service,
  • Creation of an application for animal farming management
  • Angle measurement app with accelerometer, geofencing app : detection of exit or entry of zone, detection of type of movement : on foot, by bike, by car
  • Localization and notification app
  • nfc chip read and write application
  • create a digital loyalty card accessible by smartphone
  • Intervention management application (web app, mobile app)
  • Creation of mobile application with backoffice
  • Mobile application for delivery and distribution services
  • Barcode creation/authentication application

We know how to realize all these functions : contact us !