Filter, select, count the access of people by mobile phone, badges, car plates

Mobile application suitable for waste collection centres, on barcode cards, NFC, number plates, without barriers

Mobile access control application for guards : Mobile barcode terminals, barcode cards (badges or windscreen stickers), or automatic license plate recognition (OCR), database, installation, training: everything you need at the very least to track, monitor, filter access to your establishments (here waste collection centres), enter quantities to be invoiced to professionals.

The strict minimum is competitively priced to filter access to your waste disposal sites, without heavy infrastructure such as barriers.

We adapt to ALL PERSONAL FILTERING on BADGES, even Rfid (NFC) - addition of invoicing possible.
With or without a phone subscription, works on commercially available smartphones in IP67 or on ruggedized smartphones with or without barcode readers.
It can be coupled with an office management and invoicing solution.

Understanding the initial request for filtering users of waste collection centres

Communities of communes need powerful and fast software to check (= verify the existence) of users with a card number, a vehicle plate number, to date and count each passage and to transfer these entries to a database, by injecting a file of thousands of cards (=white-list, authorised list of communes’ citizens).
They intend to switch to an "incentive fee" system with underground containers whose entry is controlled by RFID NFC.

Then the project and the equipment will make it possible to invoice the professionals directly according to the volumes spilled.

A PC screen allows the town halls to enter the users and rights holders by allocating them a barcode card already printed and to cancel lost cards.


- choice of barcode : it is inappropriate to choose a common code like the EAN13, which has the 1st disadvantage of always having 13 digits to enter: this is a lot in town halls and the 2nd disadvantage of being on any product of everyday life: if you don’t have a device with the list of authorised card numbers, you can have a device that reads codes but it can also be the numbers of cigarette packets!

We custom design your PVC cards with barcode or NFC and supply them with the right choice of barcode.

If you already have cards: you will be asked to provide 2 sample qualification cards.

- Automatic license plate reading:

Lecture mobile par OCR des plaques d'immatriculation
Mobile OCR reading of license plates
The automatic OCR reading of this plate will give the result "1124XQ22" which can be identified as a subscriber in the management database instead of a barcode or RFID card, and on a mobile device.

we are newly integrating the automatic reading function by optical character recognition (OCR) by the camera of the Android: you can therefore replace the cards with the license plate number of the incoming vehicle.

- choice of reading device:
if you intended to order "scanners" from which time stamps a reading without checking it, the purpose will be missed because you do not filter, you read and store N°s that may not exist in your database .
Our terminals are hardened, can be used with gloves and in rainy / frosty weather with risks of falling, a quick scan of the barcode or NFC cards, to retain all the authorised cards and the number of passes already made and to send the data to your servers by 3 or 4G, if not by Wifi when returning to a covered area such as an office.
We put in the intelligence to easily distinguish a fake from a real card on a list.
These smartphones allow you to put a lot of other advanced time-saving and back-office computer processing functions in the future.
So this hardware is ready for your future developments with minimal current functions at the best price.

Functions currently used on the smartphone and the economical way to recover data:

If you have commercially available smartphones, we can adapt ourselves to read barcodes or activate OCR, we use the on-board camera of the commercial terminal if that’s your choice: the reading rate of 5 seconds per card is sufficient for the application present in small waste collection centres, however on high-speed waste collection centres a hardened terminal with integrated laser will do the job better.

In order to exchange with the central computer the input files and the list of codes allowed to be entered, we will use Wifi. Indeed, this Wifi allows employees to connect from home or from the office and exchange new files with the computer of the Community of Commune. The advantage is the absence of a cable or telephone subscription to carry out these functions. Another very cheap and possible method is to make a tour of the waste collection centres with a telephone equipped with a data SIM card (3 or 4G), to pair this telephone with each waste collection terminal and to send the collected data to the central PC.

Our terminals are not blocked from operators: it is an advantage for employees to be able to put their own personal SIM card to use them as a phone or smartphone with the 3/4G (and for you to be able to reach them).
Most of our terminals have the NFC sensor that we can use later to read future Rfid cards with Mifare (NFC) to make the waste reduction incentive collection.

Functions of the supplied software

We are specialists in the development of embedded software on this hardened hardware and we offer you simple software in this first stage, knowing that advanced functions can be used on later request: invoicing of professional deposits.

The software that we propose to set up for you is in two parts:

  1. on the PC of the Community of Communes (main establishment) which will have to remain on standby and connected to the Internet with a fixed IP) to exchange files with the employees on duty: the MIS software allowing data exchanges. A port will have to be set up on your box to redirect incoming connections from smartphones to the database PC (called "gateway").
  2. software on the smartphones that allows the reading and time-stamped recording of the codes read and to signal acoustically and visually to the guard the absence of authorisation for the numbers read, the presence of professionals to be invoiced, the display of a history of the day and parameters allow data to be sent back to the central PC.

Other possible & useful software :
To manage the distribution of cards to several town halls, we create a small software program for the PCs of the town halls which, as the cards are distributed, creates the file of the citizens and the cards/labels handed over or cancelled because they are lost/stolen, and centralizes the data on the Community of Communes’ PC without formatting errors so that this data can be taken over by the terminals.

Please contact us for a customized quote (restricted tenders only, which allows us to adapt to your needs).

Possible supply of the following elements to perfect the solution, custom-made or on request:

  • Office part :
    • PVC cards (badges) or self-adhesive labels with a unique barcode with your logo, to be given to citizens, or windscreen stickers, or car license plate reading,
    • Creation of the MySQL database (open source license) and installation of the gateway
    • Module for entering the references of the citizen in the Town Hall in relation to the card given + bar code shower (as many stations as distribution points)
    • Statistics module (optional)
    • Invoicing module (optional)
  • Waste disposal area:
    • Ruggedized barcode & touch terminals, Android, without GSM chip, or wifi only, on demand
    • On-board program with off-line filter entries (OK / Not Ok) and counting / tracking of passages - including options:
      • Billing, volume entry
      • Alert if the annual/monthly limit is exceeded
  • Distance learning: desktop part and mobile data entry part
  • Breakage guarantees (software and terminal options) and upgrades.

Benefits of barcode direct printing on badges
Badges can also be produced in advance: you will give "sections" of unique codes to your Town Halls. If the badgeis lost, a new code is given and the old one is cancelled.

We can add security to the code, if you don’t want people to pass badges or labels around or print barcodes themselves: because we control the printing, we can add encryption codes that will prevent forgeries with home printers, but not make copies on the other hand.
Management of bin removals as an option.

These codes will then be decrypted by our on-board software on the terminals.

Particularity of the terminals needed if we want OCR
To use our OCR, you need terminals WITH GMS (Google mobile Service)

Do you have specific requests? Do not hesitate to ask us for advice: we will find a solution together, innovative and competitive, adapted to your budget!

You need:

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