Mobile software to track assets by barcode between teams

Who had this tool, packaging, for the last time?

Who hasn’t lost machines (electric tools) on construction sites, not knowing to whom the machine was delivered? Which returnable package was delivered to whom and when?

Here is a software with back-end very much in demand that allows your storekeeper to assign, track and locate drills, grinders, spindles, PPE, recyclable packaging, etc. and to know to whom he handed over a tool and when, when he did and must do the periodic overhauls and any other particular event to be tracked by time unit. Then the staff assigns the material during a handover.

Collaborative mobile software that will empower your operators, your customers, allow them to pass on a tool, a package, an asset by scanning the barcode with the camera of their smartphone and the information and responsibility on who took it is kept.

It also allows them to pick up a forgotten tool, packaging and indicate to the manager or warehouse owner that he has taken it back. Even between companies equipped with this software to know who has picked up the machine, the packaging.

Based on the natural goodwill of the teams.
Demo video :5mn

The use and the value promise of our mobile collaborative management of material and human fleet

You manage your materials, construction or other, handling materials, portable electrical equipment, tools or tools, equipment, vehicles, agricultural, small equipment (drill, lawn mower, medical equipment), audiovisual, scaffolding, returnable containers, PPE and the periodic checks of each, personal, from your PC or smartphone, with the data stored securely on a database synchronized by all operators and warehouses.
Based on the fact that materials or packages are identified by a unique barcode fixed and almost unalterable,
warehouse workers can assign materials to a person, a vehicle, a customer, for a site.
Our software is a tracking tool, but inter-company and inter-operator.

Your operators are empowered and easily participate actively in the proper tracking and collection of tools on the job sites. They don’t need to have 3G all the time, a Wifi or 3/4G connection from time to time is enough: we use the "off-line" mode.

No more multiple entries on your Excel spreadsheets, on paper forms, no more waste of time and expenses related to a bad management of material, PPE and stocks, no more maintenance oversights, breakdowns, accidents and work stoppages that follow...

You know in near real time where a specific piece of equipment is and as the data cannot be modified manually and is stored with a third party, you also have a proof tool. You know where the equipment or packaging has been recently and therefore identify the sources of food contamination.

Main tracking functions

  • Creation of assets, by csv file import
  • Know, locate the person or resource who last had the material, packaging,
  • Assigning assets to a resource, inventory and pickup, questioning asset location
  • Work offline: with intermittent networks,
  • Record and recall revision dates
  • Replace asset tags, print lists,
  • Export to csv file of the data in the database,
  • Creation of event types
  • Possibility to do inter-company searches
  • Allows to have the inventory by place or person at any time.
    suivi des emballages - consignes - outils
    follow your assets, returnables packagings
    identify who has got this asset for the last time

immediate benefits for you and your customers of the material fleet tracking software, recyclable or returnable packaging fleet

  • Real, unchangeable data, updated by multiple members of your staff, awareness of the value of loaned tools.
  • Your investment is profitable from the very first months: our tool represents up to a quarter of the annual financing of new equipment.
  • You have an almost instantaneous vision of the state of your fleet,
  • You can collaborate with your colleagues or customers to collect and track your respective equipment.

Video of the main demo in 5mn:

To whom is intended this software of follow-up of material, of recyclable packing?

For any company, and more if you are in a risky sector where safety requires strict management rules and frequent periodic controls or if your material makes many round trips and exchanges between different sites, construction sites, users...

For all sectors: construction, industrial equipment, food, medical, pharmaceutical, telecom, logistics, recyclable packaging, sports and leisure, mountain, public institutions, hospitals, technical services...

and for sensitive industries: nuclear, energy, lifting, health, food, asbestos removal, chemical / petrochemical, acrobatic works...

Our software + stainless steel barcode labels for material tracking

is composed of at least:

Fonctions et démo application mobile code-barre de suivi d’actifs
Disponible sous 3 plateformes :
Windows Xp,7 (la plus facile pour tests)
Windows 10 fenêtre redimensionnable
Usage : avec scan /imageur code-barre intégré, appareil photo de smartphone
Présentation fonctions
Utilisation : exemple
  • the software Download trial version in 3 versions: for Android and for Windows PC any version and for Win10 resizable: Please fill in the form below.
  • the user manual in pdf (delivered afterwards),
  • stainless steel barcode labels for material: they can be riveted or attached to the tool by a link (Colson, Rilzan), glued otherwise - by batch of 50 mini. [In test phase, we can provide you with a set of self-adhesive paper labels free of charge (on request).
  • an access by the software and a base saved on our server in France, which gathers the data and makes continuous treatments necessary for you to find your assets (not transmissible elsewhere).

In order to go faster in barcode entries, we recommend and provide for :

  • storekeeper: one of the imaging Android terminals from the commercial, light industrial terminals range Type of mobile terminals, logistics, interactive scanning kiosks
  • the administrator on PC, with a scanner in wired connection (doc below): DS2208 (or by Bluetooth with the DS2278) , or any other Imager 2D barcode "shower" if you already have one.

How to install application on terminal or Android smartphone or Win10 : How to install our applications


  • the application is designed to be able to integrate customization options by company or variant,
  • the labels can be proposed in other materials than stainless steel, paper, plastic, polyester to be stuck, even if necessary by Rfid NFC or UHF (development to be envisaged).
  • Material reservation module to be defined for future use,
  • we are developers: do not hesitate to formulate your particular needs.

By establishment (SIRET/SIREN): the time license is requested by NUMBER of terminals / PCs: fixed or mobile), our advantage: the number of assets / devices to track is unlimited


  • Current version: 1.2 19/01/2023 - If you already have a test version installed on your PC / Android, we recommend that you uninstall it before installing the new version.
  • version 1.0.10 : Win10 / easier to start in TEST mode. Print and export mode made easier, added resizable screen version for Windows 10.

ask to test this app !

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