Mobile data infrastructure: shared spreadsheets and databases in the back-end

Any full-featured mobile application has initial data and collected data: customers love their spreadsheet for that! But the Excel spreadsheet is not shareable to multiple devices. And the data needs to be on their server: we have a solution that meets these constraints.

The initial data (such as item description tables, prices, orders, settings, packages, customers), read-only, the data collected by the terminals are in editable tables.

Customers take a hosting subscription to a third party, at a very reasonable price, and we build them the mobile app of their dreams. A secure and confidential access is reserved for them.
Customers can then make their own statistics and reports according to their preferences.
Large applications can be built.

The benefits of the hosted solution in table format:

  • multiple company sharing of data,
  • data in table format similar to Excel, so easy to understand and update,
  • import, save and export data in Excel compatible formats
  • Linking data from several tables to each other through our mobile app
  • data under your account,
  • at least 2 recommended suppliers, not shown here,
  • access to our applications on your smartphones in read and write mode

Advantages of an OVH Cloud shared database (Public Cloud): more ambitious projects and fast access

  • database hosted in the country of your choice, including France
  • Pay by the hour,
  • secured by OVH,
  • you and we can access it securely,
  • we support interfaces with MongoDB, MySQL, PostGreSQL.

The means of access to your data:

  • you take the subscriptions with my recommended providers (including OVH) according to your project, so you necessarily have the best possible access!
  • You reserve access codes for our applications (precise, therefore secure)
  • You also have the APIs and interfaces for your systems to access them.

It is finally a neutral exchange ground where the customer is at home and the editor Productivix can access without breaking anything at the customer.

The possible mobile applications :

all !
Whether it is applications related to production or logistics, simplified inventory management, transport or package tracking, manufacturing tracking with serial numbers for medical or security, everything is possible.

Call us to talk about it!

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