Complex mobile inventory applications on Android

with location scan, DLUO, creation of articles with designations

A range of modular professional applications for scanning multi-use and open barcode inventory: with or without designations, allows to create and recall designations, manual entry of quantities or not (unit increment per scan), manual item creation possible, and export in csv file on terminal, or by email, by file transfer on server, link by API on Dolibarr Open Source ERP.

This software allows you to scan with a good Android smartphone with camera or preferably a professional hardened terminal with integrated scanner (that we provide).

In English and German in addition to French.

Soon the end of year inventories: don’t deprive your customers of your opening (and don’t deprive yourself of their turnover): waste as little time as possible for this operation without any added value perceived by the customer and automate it with our productive software!

The purpose of our inventory applications :

We make the inventory correction entries: you count and scan, our software corrects your information system (tested with Dolibarr).

Anticipate to have your customised productive inventory created :

We have developed a barcode scan input module which we integrate into an interface with customised I/Os for your systems.

Functions for our professional mobile inventory scanning applications

An easy to install and use mobile software for making inventories.

  • for professional Android terminals with fast integrated scanner: the ergonomics and design of the application allow a fast scanning mode without counting (the machine counts for you), the use on smartphones of the trade with camera only is possible but always slower.
  • interfaces on request with databases (we can provide you with a database under MySQL, ERP, Dolibarr)
  • displays it in a list on the machine,
  • in auto or manual input,
  • by bar code (1D laser or 2D imager depending on the scanner of the device)
  • by adding scan by scan or by groups of quantities,
  • traceability of the operator’s login who inventories the zone.

Interfaces developed and application available

For the ERP DOLIBARR (which we host):

  • loading of articles with designation
  • change of warehouses (locations)
  • entries of consolidated movements of inventory corrections in Dolibarr: at the upward movement, your stocks are accurate, with traceability of the corrections and the operator who made the correction,
  • output of raw csv files to the machine.

Feasible interfaces to be integrated

  • input and output of raw csv files on a PC (kind of server: we deliver the service application): The name of the output file varies according to the date and time of data export: no risk of overwriting by successive exports.
  • link via API or ODBC to databases (open information system)
  • sending files by email.

the user options of the mobile inventory application:

]Inventaire professionnel simple d'emploi : caractéristiques du module
Easy to use professional inventory: characteristics of the module
  • with or without entry of designation: entry only once for each new item inventoried,
  • deadline entry :DLC or DLUO
  • location entry
  • with or without entering a counted quantity: validation after entry is necessary, or the automatic scan validation adds a default unit quantity.
  • multilingual: French, English, German

For Android, Windows CE, Windows Mobile
Other platforms: Win 10, IoT, Embedded: on request.
How to install our applications

Other possibilities in inventories and customised applications:
We are editors: we can adapt similar functions upon request and description of the precise needs of our customers.
We provide installation support.

Upgrades are included if you are connected at least once a week.

Possible terminals (preliminary tests to be done by yourself) for using this software:

This app has been replaced by this newer version with slightly different functionality: Android inventory application on smartphone - export to unique csv files

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