Mobile inventory applications by rapid scan on Android or Windows CE

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A professional application for scanning multi-purpose and open barcode inventories: with or without designations, allows you to create and recall designations, enter quantities or not (unit increment per scan), manual entry possible, allows you to keep the designations from one inventory to another and exports as a csv file on terminal ,
This software allows you to scan with a good Android smartphone with a camera or preferably a professional rugged device with integrated scanner. Open output of csv / excel files.
This also allows you to generate stock replenishment orders.

Soon the end of year inventories: don’t deprive your customers of your opening (and don’t deprive yourself of their turnover): waste as little time as possible for this operation without any added value perceived by the customer and automate it with our productive software!

Functions of the professional mobile inventory scanning software
An easy to install and use mobile software for making inventories.

  • for small touch screens from 3" (tested on the EC30)
  • for pro terminals with fast integrated scanner : the app ergonomy has been optimized to a fast counting by the machine or commercially available smartphone with only a camera, which is slower,
  • outputs a csv file that can be used in Excel, in the "Download" or "Download" directory of your device,
  • displays it in a list on the machine,
  • in auto or manual input,
  • retains any bar code (1D laser or 2D imager depending on the scanner of the device)
  • by adding scan by scan or by groups of quantities.

user options for the mobile inventory application:

Inventaire pro simple d’emploi : caractéristiques
  • with or without reference entry: entry only once for each new item inventoried,
  • with or without entering the quantity counted: ’with’: validation after entry is necessary, ’without’: validation of the scan automatically adds a default unit quantity.
  • on export of the csv file of the inventory: setting to zero of the quantities and deletion of the list of item references - designation for export or storage.
Inventaire avec l’EC30 de Zebra et notre logiciel

Content of the csv file at inventory output : 4 fields per item code :
ref;designation;qty;date-time of last scan
The name of the output file varies according to the date and time of data export: no risk of overwriting by successive exports.

Possible tests of the professional mobile inventory scanning software:
Install our applications and test for an unlimited period of time, but data exports are limited to the first 5 item references.

Executables to load and install : (obtain by the form below)
For Android, Windows CE, Windows Mobile
Other platforms: Win 10, IoT, Embedded: on request.

Other possibilities in inventories and customised applications:
We are editors: we can adapt similar functions upon request and description of the precise needs of our customers.
We can provide installation support.

Security and price of this mobile inventory scanning software:
In order to prevent the application from being used on foreign terminals and corrupted information from entering by this means, as it is easy to copy the application, its operation is therefore controlled by a key linked to its unique terminal number and generated by us, the publisher. A screen allows you to request a licence, it will be installed after payment, so please contact us.
When you start the application, you do not have a licence and a message is displayed and then a control screen:

This control screen allows you to know the name and the version of the application, to know if you have a licence and how many days of use remain.

Upgrades are included if you are connected at least once a week.

Possible endpoints (preliminary tests to be done by yourself) of use of this software:

  • all possible ruggedised terminals in Android, Windows Ce or handheld, with integrated scanner or barcode imager, wifi at the very least, we resell and configure these professional scanning terminals : large choice.
  • software suitable for all screens (responsive design) in portrait or landscape mode, even the smallest (3")!
  • smartphones with good rear camera (slower).
  • Due to a Google bug, version 8 and above is optimal for recovering csv files via USB, the other versions require sometimes a reboot of the machine to see the file appear on the PC via USB. The transfers by Drive, Wifi or BT do not pose problems in all cases.

Téléchargement du logiciel d’inventaire simple

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