Security, protection and flexibility of our application licenses

Proposed levels of support

The barcode or Rfid mobile device input applications of our standard software range PRX—Mobile are improving with the increase of the number of customers: generic or on demand subscriptions.

The licenses can be fixed or floating, assignable by the customer, privately distributed by our servers and the apps absent from Google Play, rented, including upgrades, updates.

We present here the different types.

Families of PRX-MOBILE licenses

  1. "Unitary or unlimited license" : executable (license) per terminal for end customer,B2B [1], with defined renewable duration, with possibility to change terminals: transfer, subscription;
  2. Multi-terminal executable with defined gateway or domain, (internal customer applications or web marketing for B2C .

here "terminal" represents the display and input device on which the app runs and means smartphone, rugged mobile terminal or Windows, Mac or Linux PC (app via browser).

Services on PRX-MOBILE licenses

  • Automatic updates included after testing, through the network (upgrades, updates), through our own "STORE" == repository, of applications,
  • Google independence: our versions can mostly run on Android versions from 7 (and up to the versions available today)
  • Corrective maintenance by email: according to the specifications, analysis and correction of bugs by broadcasting updates that will be installed on the connected machine according to the basis of development,
  • Breakage and terminal transfer included:
    • are included on "unit licenses" and multi-terminal with defined gateway: change the terminal as often as desired;

Customizations possible

Links to databases: these generic applications are designed for links to independent ODBC (so Excel, My-SQL or MS-SQL) or NoSQL databases/tables. Connecting them to more specific databases while remaining within the ODBC link is possible.
Features: Also, these applications have wide but generic functions: a request can be considered as generic or more specific - explain us your specificities live or via our forum, we will be happy to study your request.

Advantages of PRX-Mobile input applications

  • these applications are proposed directly and simply testable and installable on a wide range of mobile terminals or smartphones, professional or not, with barcode laser or camera, running on Android or Apple iOS, without long training,
  • your protection: these applications remain in a totally private domain, and are installed by our private servers and are therefore absent from public networks such as Google Play,
  • turnkey: their use is simple, the settings and updates are also simple and achievable by yourself, this thanks to our own systems of management of updates,
  • ideal for operations with limited or long duration: the licenses are adapted in price, complexity and duration, the updates are ensured in the duration according to the constraints of the manufacturers and software editors,
  • unlimited change of terminals : the costs of no licenses related to breakages and changes of terminal are therefore absent for you,
  • affordable quantity rates on a single terminal as well as on fleets (well over 10)!
  • applications can be intended for ’B2C’ : only the professional pays the license, the customers or partners of the professional can use them freely, whether on Android, or on browser,
  • updates and licenses are installed by our network: we take into account your direct remarks or on the forum to improve our versions online: you benefit from the remarks of others!
  • the ergonomics are carefully designed for readability and use on hardened terminals with touch screens,
  • flexibility of the new "unit license": with our new (Sept 22) API, the terminal, smartphone can be deactivated, unsubscribed from the license by the customer, in order to activate, subscribe another terminal, safely, without our intervention, therefore at zero cost.

Software entry fee: in addition, variable according to the application, applied in the case where the customer provides its terminals or smartphones. This fee covers the costs of remote installation, training, and is required at the first period and the period following a discontinuation of subscription.

Installation, configuration and testing of the server(s)/gateway PC(s), API at the customer’s site: extra and on prior estimate.

Support levels

These standard supports are offered in classic working hours from Monday to Friday, and including periods of closure during school vacations in France.

  • Remote installation support: everything related to the installation of the software on the terminal recommended by the program. This support is included in our licenses on terminals provided, in addition to other cases, both technical, configuration and supplies. It can take different levels: it always starts by email, then possibly, by remote control depending on the complexity.
  • Installations and on-site training are options on estimate, to be ordered.
  • Remote user support: It is offered as an option, by periods (6 months, annual) and is broken down into several levels of services and prices:
    1. Remote support in use, by email: email exchanges with screen copies of the problem encountered, imported or generated files, an explanation of the facts that generate the perceived defect.
    2. Remote support in use, by phone, or screen sharing and emails: by prepaid time credit, according to availability and appointment within 2 working days: support and training by phone, remote control in customer presence of the PC with VoIP (headset not provided), provision of software for screen replication of the PC, and terminal on the PC: We develop, deliver and support your mobile barcode applications remotely

See also definitions on : Les étapes gagnantes de notre méthode de développement et d’intégration à distance

(changes without notice)

[1Business to Business

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