Barcode matching test application: Avoid mix-ups A barcode poka yoke

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The item reference codes are similar to the eye of shipping and logistics operators after a few hours of work: mixtures of parts are shipped to customers? Barcodes have to be compared quickly and reliably!

Give your operators mobile verification software: barcode coding to reduce customer complaints due to product mix-ups.
It tests that two, several or one code string are identical.
To be installed on a resistant and fast terminal for production or simple smartphone (slow reading). Avoid mix-ups in shipping. It is a kind of digital poka-yoke.

For all mobile operating systems. Test it below (fill in the form)!

Meeting the need for operational excellence and reducing customer complaints :

You wish to install an easy to use visual and sound means of testing the correspondence between two or more complicated or long codes, printed in barcode on a BL (slip), on a OF (manufacturing order), on a product, a box, a case, and to avoid confusion of codes and references.

Depending on your barcode reader terminal, it compares linear (1D) or QR-code, Datamatrix (2D) barcodes with each other and enables the factory, warehouse, logistics, to improve its quality tests and reduce delivery errors.

This software allows you to read codes 2 by 2, or even n by n ("n" taking the value you set) or in a row (configurable option), and to check that they are identical, to display the last two and to tell by a green or red colour if their values are identical or not, or if one of the values in the chain has been different (orange border). In "string" mode, similarly to the "n by n" option, the test is done continuously: as long as the code is identical to the previous one, it remains green but warns as soon as a code is different. This chain mode allows you to test sheets of labels or printed matter, pharmaceutical leaflets.

The truth table is the following according to the options :
(1 = positive=green, 0=negative=red, "A", "B", "C" are scanned barcodes)

Option in cycle n by n, here n=2 :

Code entry A A B A A A
Comparison result:1 out of 2 times 1 0 1
Reset auto, after comparison yes yes yes

Option cycle n by n, here n=3 :

Code entry A A A B A A
Comparison result:1 out of 2 1 1 0 1
Reset auto, after comparison yes yes

Chain option :

Code entry A A B A A A
Comparison result, at each input 1 0 0 1 1
Reset at start yes

Ergonomics is streamlined: in a single screen, the user only has to scan in line: the display in the corner of the eye informs the user of the correspondence of his last two scans. A different audible alarm is emitted depending on the case and is particularly interesting for non-corresponding codes.

Similarly no settings: the barcode reference match verification application detects whether you are using a smartphone with a camera or a professional terminal with an imager or laser scanner and adds a button or not to the function.

An indicator of the success rate and the number of comparisons made is also added.

Download the trial version of the comparison application, limited to 25 comparisons on Android and for Win CE: links obtained after filling in the form below.

Installation of KX-Mobile range applications

Hardened terminals sold :

Terminal de scan en plam ou gun (recommandé)
écran 4,3" tactile, scan (imageur) en mode pistolet, recharge sur socle à induction (sans contacts), Android

You can use commercially available smartphones (not sold) with this barcode comparison software, the reading will be slower than a terminal with a laser.
Our terminals with an integrated barcode reader allow you to multiply the speed of code comparison by about 100 and thus increase the productivity of quality control.

We have several rugged production terminals that we integrate according to your needs and environments: Intégration de TERMINAUX, IoT, IMPRIMANTES MOBILES code-barre, RFID

Screen copies : simple ergonomics : see portfolio

Other ideas and requests? You have other ideas and needs: our company develops to measure this kind of mobile applications for you: ask for a quote for designing a custom mobile scanning application (contact form or of dowloading).

Other versions of customised matching tests (on quotation):

  • adapted to your labels ( for example type Galia with several codes to read and compare)
  • adapted to your needs and quality process: keep traceability (history, logs of good and bad scans) of who scanned it and when as proof to the customer, reading and displaying the product photo on screen etc... with our authenticity infrastructure: Infrastructure pivot de vos données mobiles authentiques
  • for other terminal version older: Windows Embedded, Mobile, Windows PCs

Versions :
31/08/20:V3.0.1: "n by n" cycle mode added.
01/07/20:V2 : addition of continuous mode = chain mode
04/03/20:V1.1.5: ergonomic improvements, compatible with smartphone terminals from 3" screen size upwards

Download the barcode matching test software (demo) / payment by credit card

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