Geolocate your parcel depots and inform your customers on mobile

Proof of delivery location and package signature

Transporters, private couriers, delivery drivers : traceability of your pick-ups / deliveries :

We have a complete solution in 2 complementary mobile software, database, data synchronization and ruggedized terminals based on this request, this to optimize the efficiency, accuracy and transparency of the delivery or pickup operations of parcels.

Management of parcel delivery : Parcel tracking software for courier companies, subcontractors, with the need to track parcels dropped off and barcode scanned or collected at night, their location at the time of night drop-off and proof of signature required.

Adaptations of the software possible.

Do like the biggest courier companies (UPS, TNT, DHL) with your own resources : locate and trace the parcels that have been delivered and reassure your customers !

Your concerns as a transport, courier, collection subcontractorYour answers with our parcel delivery location tracking solution
You want to give your customers proof of the right delivery or collection of the parcels at the right place and to the right person You have the geographical position of the parcel deposit or collection, the date and time and the customer’s signature
Your customers send you their complaints and you spend time answering them You can tell them exactly where and when the package was dropped off from your smartphone !
You don’t know the time and mileage of your routes Track your drivers stop by stop, even without a phone network !
Save time re-keying reports and logs all location data and customer signatures are entered directly into your database
You are looking for an open database to manage yourself We provide it to you, open

Description of the tracking application for transport and pickup locations for delivery drivers

The tracking of the rounds for drivers of the carrier allows to follow the rounds of several principals.
At each stop for delivery, at the time of the seizure bar code of the labels of the parcels, the GPS position of the place of deposit and the date and hour (Geotag & Horodateur) is obligatorily recorded (in outside before entering a building) to allow the seizure of the numbers of parcels, removed or deposited. The entry is done by bar code or manually and this gesture is also traced. Corrections, recorded, are possible because it is impossible to enter the same package twice.
Stops can be described by explanation and photos in addition to their GPS position.
The end of a stop is materialized by the signature of the number of packages removed and deposited / collected or the absence of signature of a final customer, the signature is also recorded.

Relevant indicators are displayed during circulation in the package delivery tracking application screens.
At the login and at the return, the obligatory passage by a screen of seizure of the kilometers counters and explanations, makes it possible to go up this information in data base for calculations of road expenses.
The connection by network (Wifi or GSM 3,4,5G if data phone chip inserted) allows to exchange at the beginning or from time to time data with the database, including the data input. The presence of a GSM or WIFI network is not necessary for the data entry. The appliaction works offline and synchronizes the data when the connection is re-established.
A simple and autonomous database under Access or My-SQL (recommended at present) will be deployed and will complete the set of applications.

A particular research was invested on the simplicity of the actions to be done by the carrier, pictograms purified and readable at night and in full sun, simplicity and speed of obtaining the GPS position and the bar code seizure, messages of the application of follow-up of delivery of parcels : the complexity and the detection of the errors are in the program.

Description of the application for responding to claims of lost packages, information from the carrier to the customer

The purpose of the application of multi-client display of the geolocation of transport depots on map, intended for the manager or sales manager of the carrier, is to be able to respond from his mobile immediately to the claims of the principal by a simple entry of his parcel number of the package label.
The principal is immediately informed from the online database : the date and time of deposit or collection, the GPS coordinates of the deposit or collection and the name of the driver. You can display the Google map of the drop-off location for explanations on the street names near the stop.

And finally, we can send to the customer of the carrier :
 on his defined cell phone number, the GPS coordinates of the drop off place of the requested parcel with its date / time of drop off ;
 on his defined email, an identical message with also a direct link to the drop-off point on the Google map.

réponse position colis lors de réclamation client
answer position parcel a when customer complaint

The database allows a more in-depth study from the office by being able to access possible photos taken and possible confusing maneuvers of the driver. The delivery times can be analyzed in this way.

The choice of terminals for mobile applications for tracking the delivery location of transport packages and their options

A fleet of several terminals was delivered. The choice fell on a semi-hardened terminal, well stable and with an easy handling. It had to work in all weathers, with good ergonomics for scanning and carrying the boxes. The scanner is fast and has a medium to short range. The final choice was the ZEBRA TC55 (now the TC57) but runs on other Androids terminals with GPS.
Although already drop and water resistant (IP67), the TC55s were fitted with an additional shell. For the vehicles, on-board mounting and charging kits were delivered. For the return to base and recharging, inline chargers were delivered which allow the simple introduction of the TC55 with shell without disassembling.
The applications can be adapted to any terminal on request and as standard to [these ruggedized mobile terminals that we resell Type de terminaux mobiles, logistiques, kiosques interactifs de scan : the use of the TC55 (currently the TC57) is also that of a classic smartphone : personal applications, telephone, e-mail, SMS are possible depending on the SIM cards inserted.
Terminals that only use the driver’s application do not need a SIM card (data) because the data synchronization is done via WiFi.
Terminals that use the claims management application need a voice + data SIM card (not provided).

projet mobile de suivi de colis en transport avec TC5x
Mobile project for tracking packages in transport with TC5x

Return on investment of the mobile solution for tracking geolocation of transport package delivery

The gains of our transport application are on :
 The speed and accuracy of response to customer complaints, the professionalism, and the provision of irrefutable evidence of traceability of the work agreed,
 the reduction of disputes and loss of parcels,
 the replacement of the GPS geolocation solution of the trucks at a cost of 800 FS (750 € today) per year per truck on more trucks (some are under repair) than drivers : this amount alone pays for our solution in less than 2 years.

The standard solution for courier in transport

Content :
 the application for entering the rounds for drivers (hardened Android with barcode reader), off-line mode
 the application for answering complaints (classic or semi-hardened Android), on-line mode
 the Access database
 the synchronization application between the database and the terminals, under Windows (>=7)
 the remote installation
 adapted semi-hardened terminals.

Standard license type
 Route data entry application for drivers : fleet license in DTP (annual terminal days), (Class D)
 application for responding to complaints : annual unit license. (Class E)

License function
 protection against copying of versions outside your terminal park and introduction of spurious data
 limitation to a very reasonable duration of the entries without synchronization with the database, which limits the loss of data volumes by accident,
 management of online updates by users.

Possible adaptations of the mobile application geolocation of transported packages (adaptation fees and license levels on quotation) :
 we can adapt the applications to particular needs, with specifications, test plans, including in field situation ;
 such as : tracking the transport of parcels, with customer, admin and carrier interface,
 applications running on Android can be ported to Windows CE / Windows Mobile / Win 10.

Our key success factors on large transport projects

 realization of detailed specifications,
 pre-testing on devices similar to our showroom, variety of terminal types and suppliers who have been partners for several years,
 software installation support and sufficiently long on-site testing time,
 financial means to carry the equipment in advance of delivery,
 many years of experience with these hardware and types of ruggedized professional mobile solutions,

Trial of the drop-off application for delivery drivers is possible

(without the link to the base or export function, it also works on a classic Android on the market except for the call to the laser scanner which will give an error message without consequence, the use of the camera as a scanner making the input longer)
Copy the .apk file given in answer to the form below under a directory of an Android smartphone and install.
login : demo password : demo

Other transport software versions :
for example : open a mobile access to your transport management software (TMS), we develop custom, then it is quite possible for us to adapt this application to your needs at competitive prices : ask !

ask to test this app !

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