Traceability Review for Equipment Hire Sector

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The hire of concrete framework equipment (such as furnishing hire) requires strenuous and frequent stock takes upon the hire and return of the equipment. The tracking of the wear and tear of the equipment and of its safe return requires management research, more suitable tracking means of traceability as they are dirty with concrete (or paint), therefore unreadable.

The customer’s issue to be solved is the identification of the hired equipment (for building sites) for which all units are similar, visual indicators are torn or in this case covered in concrete, paint, grease or any other coating product.

identification de matériel de location
identification of rental equipment

The frequent hire and returns of large quantities of equipment requires a lot of time and staff to enable a stock take. The entry of each indicator in the programme must be quick and error free.

The staff management functions must be reviewed and detailed to enable those tracking tasks as quickly as possible.

The data programme must be suited to enable the tracking of each item and to produce an individual record for each of them, to know exactly at which customer is the equipment, plan the maintenance schedule of each unit.

Also forecast the replacements costs according to their rate of wear and tear, optimise the stock of the goods and their rotation should be incorporated in the programme functions.

We have been entrusted with the review and most of all the research of effective solutions : analysis of the changes to be made to the programme, to the company, to the means of identification of the equipment and the visualisation.

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