Diagnostic-Free advice on Mondays on organisation and costs reductions

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Just like legal services : We propose a free consultancy service to organise SMBs.

Who can use this service ?

This service provides the support to get out of critical situations, targeting identified SME/SMIs. The targeted audience concerns individuals such as Directors, Departmental Managers, Companies, Supervisors and Decision makers. The Companies will have to be registered to Companies House.
This service presents a unique advantage: A sole consultation per Company.

What can you gain from it ?

Depending on your preparation, this meeting will provide you with information on the method to reduce your costs, how to carry out changes to your company, and the means at your disposal.

Procedure for free advice on organisation and costs reductions

- A must for an appointment request : The applicant sends a request for an appointment with questions ready about the problem: Results indicators, questions and queries.
- Further to an ID check, an appointment for the next free slot on a Monday morning will be proposed.
- Call placed during the specific time slot for the phone meeting: assessment and questions, feedback comments and advice on the action plan to undertake, replies to questions.
- Check that your software displays your telephone number shown on the request, hidden numbers will be not be accepted.
- The slot will be for 1/2 hour maximum: Other customers will be waiting and the call cannot go over that schedule: Be prompt and ready for the meeting : It’s the best way to get the most out of it.

If required during that session : Presentation of our distance procedure with you via your computer and internet using our linking tools:

Our support tool is a secured link via internet in order to:
- Provide you with an online support with our documents or tools
- Whether in this instance, but if necessary remote control your programme in your presence and with your permission.

A Java solution is selected because :
- Your screen displays the same one as the consultant’s
- It is easy, problem free to use, whilst remaining protected by firewalls and routers
- Extremely secure connections to the same security standards as https/SSL
- You are present during the connection and retain the control of your computer.
Run the software displayed, which will not be uploaded on your computer: Launch it just prior to your call.

A user number and a password will appear on the screen that we will relay during the call meeting.

Then you will be connected with the consultant just as if he was next to you.

Speak to you soon !

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