Experience feedback on 16th June 2009

Our customer will illustrate the Lean results in his plant

- April 2008 : Flow issues advisory consultancy
- April 2009 : The results are in
- June 2009 : Presentation of the results : plant visit - Nord-Isère -France

On 16th June 2009 between 8.00am and 10.00am, our company, PRODUCTIVIX, organises in Nord-Isère a visit (precise location on the registration confirmation) at a customer’s who has gained from our advisory consultancy by improving the flow over one year.
Our clients owns several assembly factories for large size products.
The visited site includes approximately 80 collaborators.

At this customer’s, you will be able to view the results of an advisory assignment for the reduction of flow based on the Lean principles with the decrease of :
- the quantities requested per production order
- the stock
- the movement and logistics costs
- the timescale and lateness
- the timescale of the supply and production chain cycle.

Visit Itinerary :
- 08.00am - 08.15am : Guests’ welcome : coffee / croissants
- 08.15am - 08.45am : Productivix : W. Piedfort : introduction and presentation of the results of the assignment since April 2008 - Productivix proposal and other results
- 08.45am - 09.15am : Our customer : Presentation of the result of the assignment operation
- 09.15am - 10.00am : Plant visit and answer questions.

Registration before 5th June see below.

Limited amount of places to be validated by the customer.