Are you ready for “LEAN”? What is your level? Online assessment test to determine your level of implementation of the "Lean Management” rules.

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“LEAN" : Many implement these rules unknowingly, many know the rules without implementing them : A simple MCQ (QCM) format test will identify your existing level and define the outstanding shortfalls. Feel free to use it !

You can test yourself several times !

There are several correct answers. The replies do not all bear the same implications. A enjoyable method to assess and establish your implementation level of the Lean principles.

-LEAN is a tool:

-LEAN is effective:

-Lean is efficient in the event of fewer orders:

-Lean is efficient in the event of more orders,

-What do you do if a machine output is less productive?

-You want indicators

-Do you know some of the “Lean” terms?

-Do you measure the following values?

-Do you have problem solving teams?

-What action do you take when an issue arises?

This simple game can be improved: the thread is started, please put your ideas forward on this forum!