Cost Calculations Training Course

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Several procedures are available to you and each one has a specific relevance :
- Direct Costing
- Normal Costing
- Absorption costing.

How to get values and select the most suitable procedure to your requirement ?

Description, key contents

- Reminder of profit and loss account,
- Differentiate between fixed and variable costs,
- Allocation of raw materials, Personnel cost (Direct workforce, commissions paid to the reps), Sales delivery in the event of a sole product transportation, Personnel Costs (Eg. Product Manager), Product Advertising, Machinery depreciation solely operated for the manufacture of one or several products, Supplies (EDF/GDF/small items), Sales delivery in the event of the transport of a batch of various products, Personnel costs (supervisors, managers), Rents and depreciations, Business Tax, Brand Advertising ....
- Acquisition procedures of various types of costs : Direct, normal, absorbed,
- Benefit and aim of each procedure.

Gains expected

The trainees must be able to implement the procedure within their industry and to all the products and services of the company.

Available Resources

- Theory, procedure,
- Implementation and case study (exercise) of a typical product or service of your business.

Who can join, targeted audience

- Financial Director,
- Service Manager,
- Production Director,
- Development Manager (R&D),
- Any individual responsible of cost calculation.


- List of operations and Bill of Material ready for the product or service,
- Accountant/Financial Director /Service Manager’s availability to provide either some general or itemized company figures.


1 day

Activities, training conditions

- Company tour and strategy analysis
- Training and practice in class.

Additional Choice

- Configuration and implementation on a CAPM / CAMP (Computer Aided Production Management)/ERP
(existing or presented on a loanded CAPM).

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