Lean Management Game : Training Coordinate your cars’ production by group according to Lean rules and discover the benefits!

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The “Lean manufacturing” game is aimed at those who need to believe, to see and convince others :

- Operational Directors
- Progress Development Directors
- Financial Directors

and essentially those who favour the practical side and will carry on the exercise in the timescale: the operators !

Training Objective

By the end of the training course, the participants :
- Will learn the rules and the strengths of the “Lean Manufacturing”,
- Will know how to apply the rules throughout the game,
- will have learnt the tools and procedures of “Lean Manufacturing” and their fields of implementation,
- will be aware of the behavioural extent and the teams’ involvement as part of the success of this kind of approach.


- “Thematic" game based on Lego® car construction where by applying the rules of “Lean Manufacturing”, whilst measuring and analysing the impact on the results of their choices, the participants would develop the operational organisation. Cours Lean avec Lego
- Practical implementation of the rules: cell configuration, one piece flow, Kanban, the 7 Mudas, line balancing and standardised workload.

- Video with examples.
- The trainer supplies all details enabling the group to build a system of project supervision – visual management – which will enable indicators display and development monitoring,
- Establish the financial impact on the operating account and balance sheet: score-board,
- Balancing cost/volume is hindered by the products mix, and work is disrupted by realistic incidents (i.e. non compliant raw materials, unspecified list of operations, communication issues, disregard of the guidelines, …). score-board usine

Implementation on your site
- Analysis of one of your production lines,
- Implementation of the exercise and execution of a strategy.

- in your production plant, the office, then the workshop,
- 7 to 9 participants : Everyone plays a role within the supply chain: operators, logisticians, plant manager, customer,…
- over 1 day period.

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