Legal expertise : independence vs customers and suppliers

William PIEDFORT was selected to be included on the list of legal experts in "Industrial Manufacturing Procedures" and "Data processing" before the court of appeal in Lyon at the start of 2007, proving his reliability and professionalism within his field, extended to Grenoble by 2012.

The (technical) expertise is called for by the judge, sometimes at a barrister’s request, during different processes:

- between machine constructers/manufacturers and their clients, especially when they receive their machine, with regard to the quality of the manufactured product
- between all industries who produce by process: food, chemical, metal with regard to counterfeits and copies,
- between a civilian and a manufacturer at the time of an accident or a patent defect
- between employees and employers at an industrial tribunal about the modification of a work station brought about by the modification of the manufacturing process

Oath sworn in the Appeal Court by the legal expert:
"I swear to bring my support to Justice, to accomplish my mission, to make my report and to give my advice in my honour and my conscience."